4 Reasons you should consider a Tipi Wedding trending

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, outdoor weddings have become increasingly popular. A lot of folks like to hire marquees, tipis, and yurts for their big day. The warmer months are ideal for tipi weddings, but people have been holding them throughout the entire year. 

Traditionally, tipis were used as nomadic tents. Tribes often erected these tents for shelter. They were covered in canvas and were held up by wooden poles. Scandinavian and Native American tribes were known to use these tents. They work great for weddings because they give off a cozy appearance. When a tipi is decorated with nice fairy lights it looks amazing. 

They work well in the Countryside

Deciding on where to have your wedding is one of the most difficult decisions couples have to make. A lot of indoor venues can cost a lot of money, and with the world’s economy in a terrible situation due to the ongoing pandemic, many people have opted for outdoor weddings to save a little cash. If the weather is on your side for the big day, then you and your guests will be over the moon. 

If you are having your wedding in the countryside, a tipi will fit in well with your surroundings. It will help protect guests from the rain and the sun, so you can enjoy the wedding without having to worry about what the weather has in store for you. 

The Design Looks Great

When a tipi is decorated properly, you’ll be delighted that you have decided to go with one for your wedding. If you are decorating it yourself, think of it as a blank canvas.

Lighting is key to making the tipi look good. It allows you to create an incredible ambiance, and it can make for a very romantic setting. Good lighting will look great in your wedding video, which will look awesome on social media. Many people like to use festoon lights in their tipi, which provide a lot more light in comparison to fairy lights. Although you don’t want the tipi too lit up in case it spoils the ambiance, you still want your guests to see where they are going. The last thing you want is an insurance claim on your wedding day! 

Candles look fantastic in a tipi but make sure you put them in safe areas. Also, place fire extinguishers in different parts of the tipi. You can use candles and other lights to direct people to the exits and other pathways. Not only will the lights look good, but they are also very practical. 

Creates a Festival Vibe

A lot of indoor wedding venues that you’ll come across are boring. Most people want to enjoy their wedding, and they want their guests to have a wedding that they will remember. Using a tipi can help create a great vibe for a wedding, and by hiring a band it will almost feel like a festival. It will encourage people to let their hair down and dance. 

Tipis can be erected on all types of land, so don’t worry about the location too much. You might have to organize portable toilets, just like a festival. However, if it is on the grounds of a hotel or a manor, you might be able to use their toilets. There are lots of companies that organize tipi hire for weddings that will be able to help you out with everything, including lighting, so don’t hesitate to ask these companies for more information. If you are holding a tipi wedding on your own land, make sure you have electricity running into the tipi. Although you’ll probably be using a lot of candles, you’ll need lots of sockets for things like fairy lights and the PA system for the band. 


Covid-19 has completely changed a lot of things that we do, and to help reduce the spread of the deadly virus, many people have opted for outdoor weddings. Tipis are available to hire in all different sizes, so if you hire a very large one you should have no issues keeping tables apart. Experts have advised us to keep practicing social distance, whether or not you are fully vaccinated, so placing the tables a couple of meters apart will encourage people to keep their distance. 

The problem during these unprecedented times is that many people have been forced to cancel their weddings. If there is an outbreak of Covid-19 in your area, you might be forced to stop your wedding, and you might even lose your deposit on the venue you have been planning. By renting a tipi, you will only lose the money it costs to rent a tipi, which is often a fraction of the price of a traditional venue. Before hiring a tipi, consider asking the company what their policy is on cancellations. 

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