Camping Gifts for Her

Camping can be the perfect way to experience the beauty of nature and some of the world’s most breathtaking natural landscapes. Whether you go camping alone, with family, or with a significant other, camping can be a terrific way to build bonds with the natural world, as well as with friends or loved ones.

Everyone has different standards of comfort when it comes to camping. Some prefer to “rough it,” inviting a more direct experience of nature without the addition of too many modern technologies. Others prefer to maintain a higher standard of comfort and sometimes even luxury.

In fact, many campers’ desire to indulge in luxurious camping trips has led to the rise of so-called “glamping,” or glamorous camping.  Particularly if you’re experiencing the joys of nature with your significant other, you need to make sure that both of your standards of comfort are upheld, whatever they may be. 

Here is a list of gifts designed for that special, outdoorsy woman in your life. 

  1. A Solo Stove Fire Pit

One of the best parts of camping is experiencing the visceral pleasure of a meal cooked in nature. Whether it’s a barbecue, or a meal cooked on an open fire, cooking outdoors with others seems to activate a primitive sense of community that likely has deep roots in our evolutionary history.

Enjoying a beautiful meal with a loved one or significant other is sure to create and strengthen a bond between you both. Preparing meals with the Solo Stove is a sinch. Streamlining the process of building a fire, and providing an internal grid design that is specifically made to increase airflow and oxygen to the fire means that the Solo Stove will get you cooking in no time.

Moreover, the Solo Stove is made to contain a wood-based fire. That means you can avoid tarnishing the food you cook with harmful chemicals and that your meals can acquire a tasty, smoky flavor, if that’s what you’re after. Finally, a carefully designed ash pad means that, even in high winds, you won’t have to worry about ash contaminating your food.

  1. A Moonphase Home-Away Loveseat

A great gift for any camper, especially for the ladies enjoying the outdoors with their significant others, is the Moonphase Home-Away Loveseat. This loveseat is designed to be weatherproof and to seat two. Two adjoining, comfortable seats make it the perfect fixture for two people to cuddle, or just relax side-by-side to enjoy a sunset, views of nature, or to sunbathe.

Two perfectly placed cup holders that are built right into the loveseat allow campers to sip their drink of choice while they relax. Sloped arm rests ensure that your posture will be natural and their arms will be comfortable while they do so. For extra comfort, the loveseat features double quilted padding that gives campers a luxurious, leisurely feel. Because, we all love roughing it, but a little comfort goes a long way when you’re out in the elements.

The loveseat’s more luxurious features don’t force it to compromise on convenience. In fact, the loveseat folds up in seconds, and a tote carrier allows it to be carried with no hands. A loveseat is no use if you’re already sore from carrying it before you sit down, and the Moonphase goes to great lengths to make sure that won’t be the case.

  1. A Kool8 Water Bottle

One of the most important parts of any camping trip is to make sure to stay hydrated. In fact, ensuring proper hydration is not the only key to enjoyment and comfort, but to safety as well. Heat stroke can affect even healthy, fit campers when they are exerting themselves. Heat stroke isn’t the only danger either, as a variety of conditions can follow improper hydration.

That’s why it’s crucial to make certain that that special woman in your life, no matter who she might be, is well hydrated for her outdoor adventures. 

The Kool8 water bottle is the right tool for the job for several reasons. For one, its industrial strength design ensures that it can brave the elements without sustaining any major damage. It’s made from stainless steel, which means this water bottle can take a beating without breaking.

While durability is an important component of any camping water bottle, perhaps equally important is its portability. The Kool8’s full insulated design means that the liquid it contains will not spill out. This is particularly crucial for campers, who often sport large backpacks. 

Morally conscious campers will be delighted by the Kool8 as well. The company donates 20 percent of its profits to helping get clean water to people in need around the world.

Finally, an in-built tea infuser means that campers can enjoy their tea of choice, and have it served up at the perfect temperature.

  1. A Set of Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

For the same reason we love the stainless steel design of the Kool8, we love the durability of this set of stainless steel wine glasses. Stainless steel provides the additional benefit of keeping wine or any liquid pristine, and safe from any chemicals. Camping outdoors doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy the finer things in life, and this set of wine glasses, built for outdoor use, are a great reminder of that.

With a perfect balance of practical design, a refined aesthetic, and durability, a set of stainless steel wine glasses could mean that you don’t have to put romance on hold while roughing it. A glass of wine in nature is as romantic as anything, and proper glasses make certain that you can enjoy fine wine without having to worry about shattered glass.

  1. A Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

To make sure her hydration needs are met on her next camping trip, a Lifestraw personal water filter could be a great gift. An excellent thing to pair with the Kool8 water bottle, these water filters allow campers to safely filter drinking water to make sure that it’s free from harmful bacteria.

A pack of three filters will allow campers to filter a whopping 792 gallons of water. A quality water filter is a vital gift for campers that wish to hike and might not be able or willing to carry large quantities of water on their back along with their other essentials. Such campers often resort to drinking fresh running water from streams or other sources which can potentially have life-threatening consequences if that water isn’t filtered properly.

  1. A Privacy Tent

An awkward part of camping for any woman is not having a place to change in private. It’s a perfect example of a small inconvenience that can make the camping experience substantially less comfortable for many women and men alike. That’s why a privacy tent makes sense for many campers.

Contrary to popular belief, setting up a privacy tent is not at all as difficult as assembling a traditional tent. In fact, privacy tents feature a pop-up design that allows them to take their upright shape immediately after they’re unpacked with little to no assembly. That means campers won’t have to deal with cumbersome poles, stakes, and typical tent assembly nightmares.

Most privacy tents do come with optional stakes that can affix the tent to the ground in order to provide extra insurance against unexpected winds. Some privacy tents even come with an in-built shower functionality, allowing campers to take an outdoor shower in the privacy of the tent. See this list of privacy tents by GiftWits for a few good options to choose from.

We hope these gifts provide some good options to choose from if you’re looking for the perfect camping gift for that special woman in your life. In camping, safety is paramount, and small comforts are a welcomed addition for many female campers. So, tell her to stay safe, and make sure she’s comfortable during her next outdoor exploration.


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