5 tips that will help you choose the perfect engagement ring   

How long before the proposal do you need to step out and start looking through rings for your person? Buying an engagement ring is an exciting event in everyone’s life. You want to make sure you choose the perfect ring for your partner. Now the decision to plan a proposal is entirely upon you. You can either give a ring to your partner on your wedding day or plan a surprise proposal that your partner might be looking forward to. 

These small things are core memories you will look back on and enjoy after a few years. Engagement ring shopping can be stressful when you need to know what type you want. Here are some tips to follow and surprise your partner with the perfect ring.

Tips for finding the perfect engagement ring: 

Whether you are looking for the ring with your partner or setting out on this hunt alone, here are some tips to help you process the whole ring hunt. This guide will help you spend some time with your significant other and create memories that will last a lifetime.   

  • Budget: The first thing to do is narrow down a budget in your head. Deciding a budget means setting aside a specific amount you will spend only on your ring. Keeping a flexible budget will prepare you mentally because you will spend a lot of money on this rock for your significant other.  
  • Choose the shape: The most exciting thing about engagement rings is that you can choose from many unique and beautiful shapes. If you have something in your mind already, you can show that to your jeweler, who will help you find the perfect ring. The shape and size of the ring can be enhanced. Studying the ring cuts is a better option if you know you will be ring shopping.  
  • Choose the band: The band is the second most crucial when assembling an engagement ring. These bands can be customized in gold, silver, platinum, and rose gold. You can choose a plain band, or you can have small diamonds engraved in the wedding band as well. 
  • Carat size: Some people prefer larger stones to small stones, but you don’t need to choose large stones to make your ring look beautiful. The best thing to do is to try different rings on and compare them together to make the final decision. 
  • Buy a certified diamond: Always make sure you buy a certified diamond. Professionals at Gabriel and Co help you choose the perfect ring and provide an authenticity certificate for the diamond. 

Choosing an engagement ring can be tricky and tiresome, but if you make these decisions with your partner hand in hand, you will feel great, creating memories that will be cherished forever.

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