Airbrush Makeup Pros and Cons in wedding

Airbrush Makeup Pros and Cons

You’re planning your wedding, and you want to look flawless on your big day. You’ve got the perfect dress, amazing shoes, and you’ve got your wedding hairstyle locked down. But should you go with airbrush makeup or traditional makeup?
Airbrush makeup is a choice growing in popularity amongst brides. It’s a technique that began on the red carpet and which involves spraying foundation onto the skin with an airbrush gun and makeup air compressor, rather than the brushes or sponges used to apply traditional makeup.

Who wouldn’t want to look like an A-lister on their wedding day? While airbrush makeup may seem like an obvious choice, it does come with its own disadvantages. In this article, we’ll examine the pros and cons of airbrush makeup vs traditional makeup, to enable you to make an informed decision on the best option for you.

Pro: Airbrush Makeup Will Last The Whole Day

You’re sure to hear over and over that your wedding day will go by too quickly -- and it’s true. One of airbrushing makeup’s main advantages is its longevity, so you won’t waste any time on your big day reapplying foundation. Most airbrush makeup formulations are silicone-based and so water-resistant and designed to hold up well all day long. Rest assured airbrush makeup will be able to last through all the hugging and kissing that your wedding day will hold!

Con: If You Have Dry Skin It May Flake

Unfortunately, the waterproof nature of airbrush makeup means that it’s less suitable for dry skin than traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup is less creamy than the traditional foundation and so while it will look impeccable on well-hydrated skin, it may flake when applied to drier skin. Speak to your makeup artist if this is a concern -- they may be able to suggest a solution, or advise on a skincare regime that helps address the problem before the big day.

Pro: Airbrush Makeup Provides A Flawless Finish

Airbrush makeup is sure to look flawless. It provides easily buildable coverage, so your makeup artist should be able to achieve a smooth, even finish, no pimple. It’s considered the best option for photography, so you can be confident you’ll look great in those all-important wedding photos.

Con: It’s Hard To Reapply

Weddings can be emotional, especially if you’re the bride! Tears can mean streaky makeup, and gaps or smears in your airbrush makeup can be difficult to fill in. This is the case even if you resort to patching it up with regular foundation rather than using an airbrush. However, if the original application was done correctly and it was allowed to dry, you shouldn’t experience any problems.

Pro: It Spreads Very Well

Using an airbrush for makeup means you’ll need to apply much less than you would compared to regular makeup. As it’s applied with a spray, your makeup artist can use minimal product and avoid the heavy, matte feel which can come from traditional makeup.

Con: You May Be Limited In Choice Of Colors

There’s an undeniable disadvantage of this beauty tool, and that’s the lack of different shades available. Airbrush foundation isn’t the same as the regular foundation and not all foundation colours are available for use with an airbrush yet. A makeup trial is essential here, to help find the ideal shade for your skin colour.

Pro: It’s Easy To Add Multiple Layers

One key benefit of airbrush makeup is how easy it is to layer. Application with the airbrush gun can be adapted to create any look from sheer coverage to a blanket-like coverage. As each layer is so fine, it will dry quickly and you can add more layers as you prefer.

Con: It’s More Expensive!

There’s one more drawback to consider before deciding whether this beauty service is right for you: airbrush makeup is more expensive than traditional makeup. Makeup artists require additional training and tools to apply airbrush makeup, which typically increases the cost. If you’re planning on also paying for your bridal party to wear airbrush makeup, it could become very costly. Discuss with your makeup artist if you’re still unsure -- they’ll be able to weigh in on whether airbrush makeup is the best choice to ensure you look perfect on your special day.

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