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Since the 17th century, mirrors have been used as interior designs to add elegance to space. At present, so many designers are seeking creative ways to make mirrors surfaces from various types of materials.

antique mirrors for interior

What are antique mirrors?

First known as looking glasses, antique mirrors are imitations of antique mirror glass manufactured using contemporary production techniques. They were first produced in Murano and silvered in Venice in the 16th century. Antique mirrors may have some amount of foxing, which adds charm and elegance to it.

Types of Antique Mirrors

There are different types of antique mirrors, some of which includes:

Antique Mirror frames

  • Gothic mirrors:

Known in the 12th to the 16th century, this style of antique mirrors features ornate carving with pointed arches at the top.

gothic mirrors

  • Baroque mirrors

Baroque mirrors use gold or silver lining while the cravings include leaves, flowers, fruits, and angels.

baroque mirrors

  • Rococo mirrors:

In this type of mirrors, ribbon, feathers, and birds are carved at the top while the rest of the frame features simple beadings.

rococo mirrors

  • Georgian mirrors:

This type of mirror comes with no carving along the frame except at the top edge.

geoorgian mirrors

  • Neo-classical mirrors:

This type of mirror mimics the popular architectural style of the 18th century, which is medallion carving. They come in the cathedral of rectangular shapes.

neo classical mirrors

Things to consider when buying Antique Mirrors

At present, there are various types of antique mirrors sold in the market, which come in different designs that add beauty and elegance to space. However, before opting for one, here are a few things to consider.

  • Mirror glass: Finding an antique mirror with original plates of glass could be at a high price. However, you must choose an antique mirror with a glass that is easy to clean, repair, or replace.
  • The age: Some antique mirrors are hard to date. However, looking at the back of the mirror will give you an idea of what to expect. You must also take a look at the manufacturer’s origin and choose those with wood backing rather than paper because these are antiques.
  • Reputable Sellers: It is better to buy your antique mirror from reputable sellers like Fab glass and mirror, which guarantees that the piece you are buying is authentic.

things to consider when buying antique mirror

Why choose antique mirrors instead of a simple mirror?

Antique mirrors help you to transform space using silvering techniques that have been passed down from generations. These handcrafted mirrors have artistic finishing’s that make them unique. Antique mirrors are also great substitutes to clear mirrors because they offer the elegance of the old time.  They can also be used in making a statement, beautifying the space, and brightening the room.

What do you need for antique mirror installation?

things you need antique mirror installation

Some of the tools needed for antique mirror installation include the following:

  • Glass Cleaner
  • Razor
  • Paper Towels
  • Painters Tape
  • Looking Glass Spray Paint
  • And Black Spray Paint

Step by step installation guide for antique mirrors

Step 1: Clean the glass using the glass cleaner.

Step 2: Scrape off the old paint and ensure that you clean the glass one more time.

Step 3: Tape all the wood around the glass to avoid overspray. You can use an old towel to cover the other parts (You can only skip this part if you don’t care about what the back of your project piece looks like)

Step 4: Shake the glass spray paint for a few minutes, start by spraying several light coats and letting them dry in between. After the 5th coat is dry, put a few drops of the glass cleaner on your work.

Step 5: Dab the dribbles by soaking them up using a paper towel.

Step 6: When your dibbles are dried apply more coat on the looking glass spray paints.

Step 7: Use the black spare parts to cover the window completely while spraying several thin coats.

Step 8: When the black paint gets dried up, remove your tape, you will now have an opaque black window on the backside and a beautiful antique mirror.

How to care for your antique mirrors

Antique mirror care and mantenance

If you want to care for your antique mirrors, there are several things you can do.

  1. If the silver backing is deteriorated, do not repair until you contact an expert to check if the silver will devalue the piece.
  2. Wipe the glass with a lint-free linen cloth moistened with methylated spirit.
  3. Ensure you do not leave moisture behind the glass as this will deteriorate the silvering further.
  4. It is advisable never to replace the old glass if you want to see some foxing in the mirror, which adds some elegance to the piece.


Antique mirrors add elegance and beautify any space where they are kept.  At present, there are various types of antique mirrors sold both in the online and offline market and that is why you must carefully follow the guide listed above and read this article before opting for one.

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