Beauty Checklist for Any Bride

When planning a wedding and your own special day, you have enough to think about before
you’ve even considered yourself – the venue, the caterers, the after-party and the guests to
name a few. This means making sure that you’ve consulted a checklist for your beauty must
haves for your big day, it is crucial in order to avoid forgetting those simple luxuries that

The Scent You Want to Wear

It’s only a small addition to your bridal ensemble, but it can make all the difference. The
human body is very receptive to smell, and certain scents can bring happy memories
flooding back. That means, choosing the right perfume to wear on your big day can help you
to reminisce in days to come when you wear the perfume again. It will even be a scent which
your partner associates with how you smelled on your all-important day together.
It may be a good idea to buy a completely new scent which you don’t wear on a regular
basis. You can shop for your new perfume ahead of time, and buy women’s perfume at Maple Prime.

Your Hair and Makeup

This isn’t one easily forgotten, but it’s important to remember to always have a trial a long
time in advance. You may think a look seems okay in your head, but you might not like it
once it is on. Trials are important, especially if you haven’t decided how you would like your
look to be and need the time and advice to get it right.

Your Underwear

You need to find the perfect underwear which you feel completely comfortable in, as well as
underwear which suits your chosen bridal gown. Buying new underwear entirely tailored for
your dress is a must, to ensure that no extra bits are visible such as unsightly bra straps and
the like. You should, therefore, shop for underwear once you’ve found your perfect dress and
try on the underwear with your dress at the next fitting.
This is especially important for the more revealing necklines, such as strapless, as you want
full support but not to have your underwear on show. It may be that your chosen dress has
enough support without a bra, in which case you should ensure the pants of your underwear
work flawlessly (such as avoiding VPL!).

Taking Care of Your Body

If there’s ever a time for full beauty and spa treatments, it’s for your wedding. Choose
treatments which work best for you and leave you feeling the most comfortable, and less
hassled, such as a full-body wax instead of having to shave, and also think about your skin if
you were aiming for a more tanned look on your big day. You can, therefore, prepare in
advance for tanning lotion if necessary.

Manicure and Pedicure

Depending on your chosen shoes and gown, your toenails may be on show – in which case,
they need to match your fingernails if you’re going for a coloured varnish. You should also
make sure that your chosen colour matches the theme and goes well with your bouquet, as
this color will be visible in photos when you are holding your flowers. It’s only a small item to
remember, but it’s important for consistency.

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