The Best Bags to Pack on Your Honeymoon

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So, you’re getting married and going on your honeymoon. You want to have a great time. It’s necessary to bring what you need, but you don’t want to bring too much either. The right bags can help you enjoy yourself and bring the items that you want to have with you. Whether you are going to Hawaii or abroad on a trip overseas, the right bags will help you travel better and in style. Below are the best bags to bring on your honeymoon.

Designer Bags

You’ll surely want one bag to carry around with you on your person. A purse isn’t essential for travel, but many women want to have a bag with them for nice dinners, nights out, and more. Women’s designer bags are a good option to bring with you on your honeymoon. It can be your personal item on the plane, as well as what you bring with you when partaking in romantic meals, drinks, and other activities. You might get wrapped up in the trip, but don’t forget to bring a personal designer bag with you.

Small Day Pack/Backpack

It depends on where you are going and what you will be doing, but if you will have a day trip of any kind, then you should bring a day pack or a small backpack with you. Are you an adventurous couple? Will you be spending a day hiking, on a boat, or traveling to a different destination? It’s important to have a day pack because you don’t want to bring your large bags or your designer purse with you on these occasions. Instead, roll up a light bag and put it in your suitcase for day trips and adventures.

Carry On/Checked Bag

You will also need to bring a suitcase with you for most of your belongings. How long are you going? Will you need to check a bag? Depending on the amount of stuff you will need to bring, you’ll need to determine whether you will have to bring a larger or smaller bag. If you are going on your honeymoon for longer than a week, you should probably check a larger bag, but if you can fit your stuff into a carry on—every airline has its own measurements—you will be able to save some money and won’t have to wait at baggage claim.

Small Makeup Bag

Another item to bring with you on your honeymoon is a small makeup bag. You will likely want to bring enough makeup to do your whole routine, but you’ll also want to cut down on the space makeup takes up. If you have multiple makeup bags, think about bringing the small one because it will take up less space in your purse or carry-on. You will also need to make sure that any liquids are below 3 ounces, so you will need to scale down on your concealers. Depending on how much makeup you bring, a small makeup bag will be necessary.

Messenger Bag

Finally, another bag that might help you on your journey is a messenger bag. Some people don’t particularly like these bags, but if you do or your partner does, you can carry important items on your side. You can have your laptop easily accessible to take out at the airport. You can carry your book or journal in the bag. These bags are perfect for travel because they make items easily carried and provide access to the most important things you’ll bring with you.

Where are you going for your honeymoon? How long will you be gone? What kind of activities will you be doing? There are all kinds of bags for different occasions. Think about what you will need to carry. What will you bring with you? Then, you will have all these bag options to choose from. 

If you don’t have one of these options, it may be worth it to invest in a new bag. Honeymoons should be relaxing. Depending on the details of your trip, make yourself at ease by bringing the right bags for the right occasions. You will likely need more than one for the different things you will be doing. So, think about your trip and bring the right bags for travel!

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