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Almost every girl dreams about looking like a queen in all the heavy jewels and clothes on her wedding day. You must have always imagined looking your best on your big day. But sometimes your dreams and imagination can differ from reality. And that happens because of some common mistakes every ‘bride to be’ makes.

Most of the girls invest more in their skincare, clothes, and hair for their wedding. And they tend to neglect their makeup. Always remember, no matter how pretty your dress is or how good your hair looks, you still need to do your makeup correctly. It is one of the most important days of your life where you will be photographed the most, and each is eye on you.

list of brides mistakes

1. Letting your friend do it

The first and biggest mistake that girls do is letting their friend who is good with makeup do it. It’s a big no-no; do not let your friend do your makeup for your wedding. Hire a professional makeup artist who knows what he/she is doing. Let them do their job and set your preferences.

2 Trying Something New

This is the worst day to experiment with your makeup. Stick to what you are comfortable in. The goal is to look like you but better. Do not go overboard with your looks. Make sure to research what makeup look you want and what will look good on you beforehand, and you can always seek help from your makeup artist.

3. Skipping the Makeup Trail

Just like your dress-fitting trail, you need to try your makeup too. The trial might cost a bit extra, but it is absolutely worth it. Try to do the makeup trials at least before three months of your wedding day and must know about the disadvantages of airbrush makeup, so that you would have enough time to change the look or the makeup artist according to your preference. And this way you can also finalize your looks for your big day.

4. Choosing the Wrong Lashes

Another thing most girls do is that they do not take false eyelashes seriously and buy whatever they like to avoid extra charges. Do not do that let your makeup artist pick the perfect eyelash for you as each of the false eyelashes are different, and they work differently on different eye shapes.

5. Over-Doing the Brows

Ladies! Remember this by heart; your brows shape your face. Do not go overboard with the threading. Get your eyebrows waxed and professionally done in a good beauty salon at least a week before your big day.

6. Waxing One Day Before

If you have never waxed, then do not go for it as that might cause irritation. And if you have done it in the past, then do it at least 6-7 days before your wedding. Avoid waxing or doing pedicures at home or manicures at home anywhere on your skin just one day before the wedding, which might result in rashes or bumps.

7. Not having an emergency kit

It does not matter how long-lasting or budge-proof your makeup brand is, you have to carry some essentials with you. It’s going to be along the day, and your base might get oilier, or you need to touch up. That is why, it is wise to carry some bloat papers, lipstick of the same shade you are wearing, some tissue, a good translucent powder, and lash glue with you, just to be safe.

Now that you know what common mistakes to avoid, go and do all the preparations for your big day. And don’t forget to cherish these moments while you look your best.

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