Careers In Beauty: How To Become A Skincare Specialist

Being a skincare specialist, or esthetician, is a fulfilling, varied, and rewarding career. In India, estheticians earn around 11,400 INR per month on average with salaries ranging between 5,360 INR to 18,000 INR. Estheticians essentially specialise in cleaning, beautifying, and maintaining the skin with a range of different cosmetic treatments, such as facials, waxing, body treatments, and chemical peels. Although becoming an esthetician requires ample time, training, and dedication, you’ll be rewarded with an enjoyable and meaningful career. 

Educational courses

You’ll need to apply for a B. Sc in Cosmetology to become a skin care specialist. Applying for this degree has a number of requirements, including, a class 12 secondary school pass with chemistry, biology, and physics as your main subjects. In most cases, students are accepted based on merit, however, some colleges also require you to pass an additional entrance exam. The B. Sc is a three-year course with the option to take additional one-year diploma courses for extra training. For example, you can also take a diploma in hairdressing, makeup, or cosmetology. Six-month certificate courses are also available, such as the beauty culture certification course, massage therapy certification course, and beauty and herbal therapy certification course. Some jobs will also require you to obtain a graduate degree, namely the PG diploma in cosmetology.

Securing a license

After you’ve graduated, you’ll need to secure a licence to practice; this is a particularly important step if you want to launch your own business. The exact licence you need depends on the  municipality you’re practising in, so be sure to research necessary requirements in your area. If you’re planning on starting your own business, you’ll also need to apply for a Gumasta (shop establishment) licence, as well as a PAN card. Esthetician insurance is another key consideration. Estheticians are regularly exposed to chemicals and cosmetic and medical tools, which can increase risk of injury. Esthetician insurance can help protect your business financially if an employee sustains an injury on the job. With this insurance, you’re provided with assistance in covering the various costs associated with workplace injuries, including medical bills and lost wages. 

Employment opportunities  

The skincare industry is thriving, which means employment opportunities are strong in this field. You may choose to work for spas, health centers, or salons (such as VLCC, Naturals, Gold’s Gym, or Lakmé, for example) or decide to be self-employed and open your own clinic.

When it comes to specialising, you may choose to become a spa therapist, which involves performing a range of spa treatments, including facials, pedicures, manicures, waxing, and full-body massages. Alternatively, you also have the option of becoming a hairstylist responsible for improving and maintaining the condition of your client’s hair. This often also involves fixing damage caused by dyes and harsh chemicals. 

Becoming an esthetician is an enjoyable and rewarding career path. By getting the right education and licences, you’ll be ready to start your career in this thriving industry.

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