4 Clothing Pieces That Are Meant To Be Worn Multiple Ways

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We often have closets overflowing with clothes, yet we always need something to wear for an occasion. Finding the perfect fit for an outing can be a struggle if a closet is full of not versatile clothes. It is vital to fill the wardrobe with clothes that simplify the closet because it brings about less indecision on what to wear.

Invest in clothing pieces that are versatile enough that you can style them in various ways. You can create different looks and styles with an item in your closet if you focus on purchasing just versatile outfits. Versatile clothes are often seasonless because of their designs; hence they can remain in the closet for a while. Keep reading to learn more about clothing you can wear in multiple ways.

1.    The Wrap Dress

A wrap dress is a dress that has no zipper enclosure or buttons and is often tied at the waist. The front enclosure of this dress forms when the individual wraps one side of the dress across the other. It’s a figure-hugging dress tied at the back or fastened with buttons to fit at the side. Wrap dresses further define the waist by giving it an ultra-slimming effect.

The wrap dress creates an A-line silhouette and V-neckline when the wearer fastens the dress through the hole on one side. You can style a wrap dress in various ways to fit either a good evening or daytime look. The following are some of the ways to style a wrap dress:


You can go formal with a maxi or midi wrap dress. Add some jewelry and heels to the outfit for a perfect formal event.

Adding a Cardigan

Wear a cardigan over a short-sleeved wrap dress to create a comfortable outfit appropriate for the workspace.

Playing With Color

Wrap dresses are suitable to wear in all seasons. You can opt for a knitted dark-colored wrap dress during winter and fall and bright-colored dresses for summer and spring looks.

Accessorize With Jewelry

Add short necklaces to your outfit because short necklaces are a great addition to a V-neckline of a wrap dress.

2.    Sunglasses

Sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun by reflecting harmful radiations from the sun or other sources away. Versatile sunglasses are one of the best clothing pieces that give an outfit a look.

There are several misconceptions that you should only wear sunglasses when you step out in the sun, irrespective of the season. However, some versatile sunglasses are of great quality and help make the outfit look classier and sharper. The following are some versatile sunglasses that completes a look:

For the Fancy Pants

These types of sunglasses are a subtle way to style a look. It is charming to your casual, formal, and semi-formal outfits.

The All-Rounder

These are transparent versatile sunglasses you can pair with your outfit to make a style statement. You can wear them at a business meeting for an impactful impression and at a beach.

Gear Up

These sports sunglasses will be a great addition if you keep your wardrobe sporty. These versatile sunglasses are super stylish and provide 100% UV protection.

The Classic Choice

You can create impactful or statement outfits with classic sunglasses. These sunglasses give an individual a confident and classy look regardless of occasion or outfit.

3.    Cardigan

Cardigans are stylish and help keep you warm during the winter and fall. A versatile cardigan is a must-have piece of clothing you can style according to the season. There are endless ways to style a cardigan, and some of these ways are:

Playful Patterns

Have fun and play with abstract patterns, animal prints, and stripes. Cardigans have a range of patterns and come with no rules; hence you can be your artist!

Accessorize It

Accessorize your cardigan by adding several accessories, such as jewelry and belts. Adding belts helps to accentuate your curves.

Cool and Casual

A traditional way of wearing the cardigan is by keeping it cool and casual. Cardigans give room for comfort while also ensuring that you stay stylish.

4.    T-Shirt

T-shirts are a must-have wardrobe staple you can dress up for a casual or smart-casual look. It is a basic top that is often short or long-sleeved. These tops are available in various colors, which you can wear to create a fashionable look. The following are some of the ways to style a t-shirt:

Pair With a Skirt

You can pair a t-shirt with a pencil or midi skirt for an elegant yet comfortable look.

Play With a Tuck

You can tuck into your shorts while exposing your belt, which acts as a fashion piece.

Patterns and Colors

You can create a contrasting outfit by wearing a colorful t-shirt with a beige khaki.

Maximize Versatility

Versatile clothing pieces help to simplify your closet, leaving room for creativity. These clothing pieces help save money, time, and energy because they enable you to make quick decisions. Versatile items also serve a multipurpose function in various ways.

You can wear and style versatile pieces such as a cardigan, wrap dress, sunglasses, and t-shirts in various ways. Versatile clothes can stay in the wardrobe for a long time because you can style them in various ways for different looks.

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