Coconut oil for skin nourishment!

Coconut is always used as an edible oil, other than that it also has beauty benefits which are not only restricted to hair but it works great on coconut oil for face or skin too. This oil is extracted from dried coconut kernels. The oil has a unique composition of fatty acids which why it’s widely used.

Uses of coconut oil for face, skin

 Coconut oil is widely used as a cooking medium. It aids in digestion and having antimicrobial activity helps to fight any gut infections.
Moving towards the beauty part coconut oil for hair, coconut oil for skin, coconut oil for face it has so many other benefits let’s see what the skin benefits this oil has

  1. Firstly excellent moisturizer.

    Being a composition of a unique fatty acid it provides a good moisturizing effect on your skin. Whatever skin type you belong you can use it. Dry skin beauties it’s one of the most natural and effective moisturizers for you weather its face or body you can use it. For oily skin, you can also use it as you also need moisturizing.Apply a small amount of oil on your face.After 15min remove off the excess with lukewarm water.Initially, you might see breakouts but it will work. If you observe severe breakout discontinue.

  2. As a makeup remover:

    Yes! You can use coconut oil as your make up remover. We all love to make up but when it comes to removal it’s a hard task. We use a lot of makeup around the eye area.Using a chemical based remover is not a great option. So go natural use coconut oil as your make up remover. It works great for eye makeup removal then be it the stubborn waterproof mascara also. Massage some coconut oil on your face leave it for 5 minutes.Wipe off with a cotton pad and this will not only remove makeup simultaneously act as a skin moisturizer. This will also help you to maintain a good and healthy skin reduce fine lines around eye area.

  3. Body scrub:

    A body scrub made with coconut oil, this will help to remove dead skin cells from your body but also give a moisturizing effect on the skin. A very natural and effective recipe for body scrub is.

Ingredients: 2tbsp Red lentils, 1tbsp sesame seed, 1/2tbsp rice, turmeric powder, coconut oil.

Procedure: Mix red lentils, sesame seed, and rice in a mixer pot blend to a coarse powder.Now add ½ spoon of turmeric powder and make a paste using coconut oil as the medium. Use this mixture all over your body as a scrub. It will serve a dual purpose by removing dead skin cell. Turmeric used help in skin lightening. Coconut oil will nourish your body.  This scrub is safe for daily use as it’s completely natural. An easy scrub is to mix fine sugar with coconut oil and use as body or face scrub.

  1. Skin Infections:

    This oil helps to cure Minor skin infections very easily. As it has antimicrobial properties.  Coconut oil helps to treat Small dry patches. Massage the small amount of coconut oil in the infected area and leave it.

  2. For body massage:

    A relaxing massage is always the best way to pamper yourself. Spa and salon have started using coconut oil for body massage it has shown to have the huge amount of benefits. Helps to moisturise your skin, filled with vitamin E and antioxidants coconut oil helps boosts up our skin health. And last but not the least it will tone your muscles, relax you tighten muscles due to physical activities and help in blood circulation. Coconut oil acts as a good medium for massage as it glides on your skin and penetrates deep into your skin.

Is Coconut oil good for skin?

Coconut oil for face or skin is a natural and safe remedy for your skin. Though being natural it won’t be suitable for all skin types. Coconut oil has shown to have comedogenic activity on your skin, as it’s a blend of fatty acids it tends to sit into your pores and clog then resulting in the breakout. Hence this won’t suit beauties with oily, acne-prone skin. Again some oily skin people might find it useful also. This just varies from different skin types and conditions of your skin.

Various types of Coconut oil for face?

Coconut oil is today very easily available in various forms such as organic coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, and extra virgin coconut oil.
Coconut is cultivated under the special condition in which no pesticides and fertilizers are used. Fresh, wet flesh of coconut is used for the extraction process.Organic coconut oil is extracted from Organic grade coconut.
Extraction method incorporated for virgin coconut oil is known as cold pressing. Cold pressing means without any external heat application and thus retains more of the nutrients.  virgin coconut oil does not undergo any chemical processing like bleaching, refining or deodorising.
Extra virgin coconut oil does not exist as per many types of research it’s just a marketing gimmick to sell out the product.So when we talk about coconut oil it’s either processed or untouched.                                                                                                                                 Buy virgin Coconut Oil

Which coconut oil suitable for skin?

As coconut oil is available in various brands and types.
We can explore and choose which is suitable for your skin type. Virgin coconut will give more nourishment to your skin and help retain more moisture on your skin.
Refined coconut oil is light in texture and is great to use if you don’t like too much oily or sticky kind of feel on your skin. Always check for what suits for your skin and then go ahead.

Where to buy coconut oil from?

Today everything is available online which has made shopping very convenient. Read out the information written on the product while buying.

local grocery stores and medical shops also sell coconut oil.

Let us know if you have experienced any other benefits of coconut oil.

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