Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

When should one buy an engagement ring and a wedding band? Is there a significant difference between the two? Should the designated rings match? On which fingers do you put them? We’ve covered these and many other questions to clarify popular myths once and for all.

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

Engagement bands typically feature one central stone that either stands alone or is complemented by smaller accent stones. It is usually presented during the proposal. The groom-to-be stands on his knee, extends his arm with a tiny box, and asks the desired: ‘’Will you marry me?’’

By contrast, a wedding band is either a diamond-encrusted or a plain metal ring received during a wedding ceremony. 

The prices between engagement and wedding rings vary drastically. The latter, as a rule, cost less and have a smaller carat weight. Wedding bands are considered less pompous pieces of jewellery. They are usually sold in duo: for him and for her. 

How to Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Bands?

It was customary to wear the engagement and wedding rings together on the fourth finger of the left hand. The engagement ring was placed closest to the heart below the wedding band. However, modern ladies pick how to wear their rings themselves. In other words, you have full freedom when it concerns bridal accessories.

When to Pick Out Wedding Bands?

Most jewellery experts advise selecting wedding bands at least two months before the big event so that you can account for any last-minute details and make the necessary changes. If you have doubts about the design of a coveted wedding band, use the engagement ring as a guide.

Should You Have Both?

Ultimately, it’s up to your taste. We’ve outlined several sensible reasons for choosing one ring over two:

Wedding bandEngagement Band
Symbolic ties. Unlike engagement bands, wedding bands are worn by both partners. They are like invisible threads binding two souls together.Little indulgence. With the engagement band, you can get the diamond you craved your whole life, the one that cuts the glass and transcends time. After all, it’s not every day you’re getting married.  If you worry about your partner, he can have a blink too. There are a lot of jewellery stores that offer exquisite engagement collections for men. Just ask him whether he’d like to have such a betrothal gift. We are confident your future hubby will appreciate the gesture.   
Savouring the moment. Customarily, a bride and a groom exchange their rings after the vows. It is a sacred act of showing trust, devotion and loyalty. The metal bands represent the hearts of lovers. Some believe this ‘’trade’’ to be the most sentimental part of a ceremony.Honouring the tradition. In a constantly changing world, we try to find support with our dearest. That is what an engagement ring is for. It signifies the respective strength and solidity of the union. Plus, it allows a man to share his sentiments. Gifting an engagement band is a masculine way of saying: ‘’For you, I am ready to move mountains.‘’
Minimalistic appeal. Engagement bands are typically thinner than their wedding counterparts. Therefore, they feature one material. If you yearn for a magnetic metal mix, the wedding ring is just the thing. You can check out enchanting samples at www.gsdiamonds.com.au (one of the most reputable shops in Australia).Starting point. An engagement ring is the first and the most stunning piece of a bridal set. If you ever feel like one band isn’t enough or wish to highlight its beauty, purchasing a wedding band and an eternity ring later will be a smart and aesthetically pleasing decision. P.S. engagement ring stands for a promising future, wedding ring- for intriguing discovery, and eternity ring for a long-term commitment.  
Subdued charm. Say you hate diamonds; why would you need an engagement ring? Maybe hate is a strong word, but we understand sparkly brilliants are not everyone’s cup of tea. If you prefer to express yourself with simplistic structures, an unadorned wedding band is the solution. Add some boldness; fascinating textures can be just as sexy as the glimmering classic.Wedding and engagement bands combo can feel a bit uncomfortable and overpowering. An engagement ring is an accessory that looks magnificent even on its own.
Low maintenance. Since plain bands don’t flaunt any stones, they are less prone to chipping and scratching and much easier to clean. A perfect choice for those who work with their hands or lead an active lifestyle.Shopping simplified. If your partner didn’t buy a set, finding two matching rings can be challenging and exhaustive. Sticking to one band saves the trouble and your precious time. 
No stressing out. When you carry around a big flashy diamond, it inevitably puts you under pressure. The fear of dropping an expensive accessory often deprives you of the opportunity to wear it. However, a wedding band is cheaper and harder to lose. Thus, you won’t have to worry about it all the time.Instead of shelling out for two mediocre rings, you can invest all your funds in a one-of-a-kind jewel and place quality over quantity.
Room for improvisation. This year’s trend that shows no waning is ring stacking. If you opt for a diamond wedding band, you’ll be able to add rings of diverse styles later. The versatility of the design makes it an ideal foundation for the possible set.Pronounced individuality. It’s no secret that engagement rings are richer in their designs. If you are an artistic soul, this band is an excellent chance to depict it.
Unadorned wedding band is suitable for everyday wear, e.g. you don’t need a particular occasion to put it on.Beautiful addition for luxurious evenings. Regardless of which fancy place you are going to, a magical diamond on your hand will certainly grant lustre and attractiveness.

Bottom line: only you get to decide how to wear the engagement and wedding rings. The number doesn’t matter, as long as each item carries special meaning.

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