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Chantal Olive Marie Sarault, conceived Walk 28th 1984, monikers Foodie Excellence, Large Gorgeous Me, Chantal Marie, Chinny, Clotso, Cuntal, and others, is a Canadian YouTuber, whose direct was made in 2014, and who peruses this string consistently. At first an endeavored delight channel, Chantal coincidentally became scandalous for eating immense measures of cheap food in single sittings, typically while alone in her vehicle in a vacant parking area, and meanwhile jerking and writhing like a failing animatronic.

Her greed and stupidity procured her the sobriquet “the Canadian Amberlynn Reid”, yet her freakish way of behaving and hallucinations have made her a cow without equal.

Kiwi Farms Foodie Beauty

  • Chantal is remarkable for her hyper endeavors to develop and control a spectacular picture of herself as an appealing lady who is getting fitter, a persona she subverts by lying about slimming down, frequently while noticeably putting on weight, and much of the time surrendering to a neurotic need to relate stories about her horrible entrail control or having intercourse with vagrants.
  • Chantal professes to have acquired and lost exclusively around 40lbs over her YouTube weight reduction vocation, yet seems to have acquired a huge sum, and her well-being has plunged, driving numerous to uncertain her.
  • Chantal lies and has consistently lied continually, unconvincingly, and absurdly about every conceivable thing.
  • According to pretty much whatever she, especially about her well-being or her ideas of progress, is unrealistic and conflicting.
  • She was generally this way. However, since an occasion in late 2018 (erring on that later), Chantal’s contemptibility has become so broad, thus conflicting in the story, that it is challenging for her supporters to recognize what, or whether, the situation is unfolding.
  • She will promptly give a wide range of records of a story that go against themselves and one another and which were so unrealistic at first sight that they weren’t accepted in any case.
  • The takeoff of quite a bit of her mental soundness in late 2018, coinciding with a substance dejection in the Amberlynn Reid subforum, caused a deluge of Kiwis searching for “hallucinating fat bitch” content, and her string development has accelerated impressively from that point forward.
  • Chantal thinks just regarding quick delight.
  • This implies, in addition to other things, that she’s very apathetic, going the entire day lying in bed, pigging out, and fanatically checking her YouTube and Instagram remark areas — frequently all of the above simultaneously.
  • Albeit frequently contrasted with Sovereign Deathfat ALR, Chantal significantly varies in her absence of mindfulness and her refusal to face any analysis: she doesn’t purposefully savage watchers like ALR. She’s simply imbecilic and insane. Chantal additionally acknowledges no responsibility for her activities and will erase any remark referencing her many broken guarantees.

These commitments generally have to do with an eating regimen. Chantal wants to be on a weight reduction venture and frequently fantasizes openly about her future marvelous and provocative body (this being the main rationale for weight reduction). What the weight reduction venture adds up to is a circle, where Chantal will declare she’s on another eating regimen, frequently grandiosely addressing her watchers about well-being, then put forth no attempt to stick to it, apparently put on weight (frequently getting on unhealthy cam food with not a great reason) and afterward, when called out, respond with an incensed fire of video erasure and pompous fuming, trailed by a time of quietness before she starts once more. This is known, in the traditional KG death fat hypothesis, as “the cycle”.

Her eating regimens of decision are, in many cases, plant-based or veggie lover. Up to this point, none of these weight control plans has involved quitting any pretense of eating meat and cheddar, with one 2019 “veggie lover mukbang” comprising of eating genuine chicken on camera. During her veggie lover stages, Chantal perused charming animal pics on the web and, surprisingly, truly visited homesteads and petting zoos, which she guaranteed assisted with dissuading her from eating meat (it doesn’t). Her distraction with these weight control plans is part of the way needing to copy slender, appealing veggie lover web-based entertainment powerhouses.


Foodie Excellence, for so she calls herself, is exceptionally vain. Despite her anti-agents appearance, Chantal puts on tremendous cosmetics, frequently lounging around inside and taking vigorously doctored selfies for Instagram. She’s going bald (there are a lot of hypotheses why) and thus likewise applies dark powder to her scalp, attempting to conceal it. Being vain, Chantal attempted to begin as a marvel channel, yet her cosmetics abilities are bad, and she frequently unwittingly wears cosmetics planned for outfit gatherings or crossdressers and consistently overlines her lips vigorously and unevenly. Chantal is never seen without weighty concealer all over, and there while really influences her not to be wearing cosmetics. Nonetheless, in a mid-2019 video, she made a video with no beauty care products applied seriously, and her startling appearance demonstrated that she usually does her hair and cosmetics in any event, for her 5 am “genuine” chimp out recordings. The cash for costly cosmetics and different other paltry buys is covered a piece by her channel pay, yet Chantal is known to separate cash from her loved ones.

Vain. However she is, Chantal relates sickening stories (that no one has faith) in her recordings. These stories highlight sex with peculiar men, tooting, loss of gut control, feminine cycle, and mixes thereof. The justification behind this conduct isn’t clear, with the hypothesis going from paying and taking care of seriously rëtarded social turn of events.

Chantal likes to consider herself a skilled vocalist and has transferred various melody covers, where between panting breaths, she coos the verses in a powerless mezzo-soprano, all the way off-key yet partaking in her diva dream an extraordinary arrangement.

Why She’s a Cow:

It’s not on the grounds that she’s fat. Chantal is an insane white garbage skeptic: she despises all men and all ladies. Her disdain for men is accepted to originate from daddy issues (her father left her actually youthful), and she’s attached to recounting stories where men long for her. Since she loathes them, however, they, in every case some way or another, alienate her, yet Chantal gets the advantage toward the end like a pretentious Br’er Hare. Chantal maintains that men should be drawn to her; however, he sharply disdains that they never are and thus dislikes men themselves. Chantal’s disdain for different ladies along these lines comes from jealousy of their unrivaled allure (and befuddled hatred of their capacity to try not to turn out to be gargantuan), which bends around again to her fixation on male consideration. Chantal’s fancies about men tracking down her provocative, cultivated by her empowering agents, are elastic groups holding together the vanities, vexations and feuds that pass for her mind. Male consideration is her clairvoyant money, and not getting it brings about an atomic implosion.

Chantal is really excessively fat. However, in spite of the fact that she thinks critics simply need to ridicule her for her size, her out-of-this-world BMI is a side effect of her overall disappointments and is coincidental to her diversion esteem. What her cow advance stems from is her titanic hallucinations, her terrible demeanor, her hunger for male approval, and her incorrect conviction that she’s more astute than every other person — her canard that 100 percent of analysis is fattie-slamming makes this statement. Chantal has a string since she needs to be seen as a shrewd, appealing, effective and flimsy character on the web, and she won’t let weakening stoutness, all-out solipsism, odd thinking abilities, narc bitch propensities, or a quintessential alienation from reality hold her up.

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