Fashion Tips and Tricks That Will Change Your Life

All you need are small changes that you can incorporate into your styling, as well as a wardrobe. From the interesting layering, the changing colours of your clothes, to the forgotten clothing pieces in your closet, anything can be involved in the rebirth of your style. When you run out of ideas for how to look unique, choose trendy and attractive jewellery and you will completely change your outfit.

Always add Jewellery

Women wear various necklaces and bracelets but they often don’t know how to incorporate rings into their outfit. You can choose two striking rings for the statement look. A large stone ring is an elegant way to complement a trendy look. Go and find out more if you are not sure how to pick a ring that will be stunning enough to elevate your outfit. Don’t forget, when wearing multiple rings together, you should focus on their shape, so they complement each other.

You should have matching pieces of jewellery that go with each of your clothing combinations and all your fashion styles. Make sure the pieces you wear are suitable for your age, whether the pieces are modern or retro, striking or discreet. For every moment you can find just that perfect piece of jewelry that will make your outfit complete. Having a complete outfit style will give you an original look and which will further highlight your beauty.

Roll up your sleeves

While a deep neckline can be a bit of a risky move, depending on where you are going, the rolled-up sleeves on your shirt will give you a certain amount of nonchalance. This simple change can make you look completely different from what might be called “ordinary”. Although with your sleeves rolled up and one button unbuttoned on your shirt you may look a little messy, if you wear it the right way, this trick can help you make a big change in your appearance.

Give your jeans a “vacation”

You have to admit, all of us wear jeans constantly. You should try putting them aside for a while! Try wearing a dress, skirt, or pants at least once a week instead. Spice it up!

Dress up a little

Nothing is as striking as a jacket slung over your shoulder. Indeed, this fashion trick costs nothing and makes you look very expensive and chic. Sneakers, jeans and a blazer casually thrown over your shoulders is the best fashion trick.

Style your jeans differently

Your jeans can hide one of the most striking details of your outfit – your shoes! Therefore, you should roll up your trouser leg. You can do a double roll or a deep cuff, and you will see that you will instantly achieve a completely different look. If you wear straight cut jeans, it is best to roll them only once. With boyfriend fit jeans you can play around with the style a bit and give yourself more freedom. Now, just like your jeans shouldn’t hide your shoes, they should also let you flaunt your physique! So, to show off your big booty in jeans, pick out the most flattering models with a lifting effect that will help you perk up your rear in no time!

Stunning stockings add the extravagance

Combining casual stockings or socks with sandals or semi-open shoes is definitely a higher level when it comes to fashion. We suggest wearing them with pants, or midi skirts. This is an easy and effective way to add a chic touch to your combination. This will surely enhance your urban style.

Show your waist

The best and cheapest way to highlight your slim waist is to tie the shirt you are wearing in the middle. This will give you a much more playful and effective look. You can also achieve the same effect by turning the dress into a skirt. Just wear some interesting blouse over it and tie its ends around your waist.

Wear a small fashionable bag

Dear ladies, if you want to take your fashion style to the next level, and further emphasize your femininity, then you should definitely pay attention to the size of the bag you are carrying. Although we know that large bags are very practical, because you can carry all your “movable and immovable property” in them, we still need to inform you that they are not exactly a “lady’s” choice. If you want to be stylish, always opt for a smaller bag. Choose a bag that has a classic or a soft and interesting pattern.

Don’t forget about your hair

Regardless of ever-changing trends, one thing remains – hair is only beautiful if it is healthy. Don’t forget to take care of your hairstyle and the health of your hair. It frames your face, so make sure it always looks and is healthy. You can try various hair treatments and make sure you do them every once in a while.  You can even try hair spa at your own home.

What about heels?

Another eternal battle of fashion is between flat shoes and high heels. We know that comfort is first when you get to choose your outfit. But since we are talking about how to raise the fashion style to a higher level, this time our voice goes for the heels! And, of course, they don’t have to be the classic ones. Feel free to play with current fashion trends!

Mix and combine

People say that opposites attract, so why not try this theory with your clothes. Experiment with combining stylish and feminine pieces with a boho dress or skirt. Try opting for moccasins paired with a playful dress. Have fun trying different things and you will eventually invent your new signature style.

A leather skirt

Leather is one of the most important materials in 2020. Designers knew that in winter of 2019 when they announced spring and summer collections that included leather two-piece suits, pants, skirts, raincoats and jackets. We recommend following the example of street fashion stars starting with a simple-style leather skirt.

Take care of your skin!

Every day the skin on our face is exposed to different external influences. Wind, rain, snow, sun, winter, but also genetics, our diet and lifestyle can accelerate aging. Proper facial care is extremely important as it is the only way to preserve it, slow down aging and keep your face skin healthy and beautiful. If you want to lift your style you shouldn’t forget about your face.

Take care of your wardrobe

Take care of your clothes so they can always look good as new. The first thing you should do is get rid of shabby, faded clothes. Do not wear stained clothing. You maybe think people won’t see those stains, but they will. Use steam to straighten your clothes.

Always read the label recommendations on how to wash and dry your clothes. Frequent and intense washing makes the fabric fade and change shape. So wash your clothes at minimum temperature and dry at minimum speed. Reduce washing time in the washing machine to 30 to 45 minutes. Remember to always turn your clothes inside out. Don’t forget to wash sensitive items manually and send clothes such as jackets and coats for dry cleaning.

Do not hesitate to spend money on your shoes. Always replace worn-out heels in time. Your shoes will look nice and last longer. Worn out heels will not look attractive- either toss or repair them.


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