Every woman dreams about her wedding and how she’ll look on that eventful day. Your dress must be the best one there is, and your hair will need to be styled to the nines. Because there is no fixed formula to how you should style your hair on your wedding day, you must count on your own stylist, tips from magazines, and wedding hairstyles on the internet. This, however, can be overwhelming and time-consuming, something which you cannot afford, especially if your wedding day is near. To make things less confusing for you, you can follow these tips.

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Take Care of Your Hair Before the Wedding

Any woman would be excited before her wedding. Your head will be buzzing with hundreds of ideas on what you’re going to do with your hair. Most women would just rush to the nearest beauty parlor, have their hair styled to what they think will work best for them, and rush out to prepare for their wedding. However, this might not work for you, especially if your hair is damaged already. In addition to trimming, hair spa and shampooing, there are a few things that you’ll need to do first so that your hair is in its best shape before the wedding.

Deep Conditioning

If there’s one thing that can treat damaged hair, it’s deep conditioning. Heat-damaged and frizzy hair needs to be deep-conditioned several times prior to the wedding in order for it to retain its natural shine and softness. There are several solutions to treating damaged hair; however, to ensure that these solutions work well for you, you must use the right type of products. If your hair is high in protein, make sure to use products that have moderate to low protein content. On the other hand, if your hair is low on protein, make sure to use products that have a high protein content. Nevertheless, protein must always be a part of your deep treatment because your hair is mainly made of protein. If you prefer an all-natural deep-treatment, you can make one at home. The eggs and yogurt deep treatment is one of the most popular ones on the internet. To make this treatment, simply mix eggs with yogurt and whisk until a smooth mixture is created. 

Treat Hair Problems

If you have any hair problems, it would be best that you start treating them early on. For example, if you’re suffering from severe dandruff, your doctor might prescribe a dandruff shampoo, which can have a drying effect on your hair. This means that you’ll need to deep-treat your hair for weeks after using that shampoo. So, make sure that you start treating these issues early on to avoid any hair disasters on your wedding day. If you’re suffering from hair loss, you should also start with your treatment months before the wedding, so it wouldn’t affect any treatments you want to apply to your hair before the wedding day.

Say No to Chemicals

Avoiding adding chemicals to your hair might be a bit difficult, but it’s necessary for the health of your hair. You can avoid shampoos that have sulfates in their ingredients and opt instead for no-poo shampoos. While it might take a while for your hair to adjust to the new shampoo change, it would be much better than draining it dry from moisture. There are also natural alternatives, such as using water and baking soda or using water and apple cider, though it is recommended that you try the no-poo shampoos first as your hair will take a bit of time to respond to the natural alternatives.

Pick the Right Hairstyle

Once you decide to have a wedding, everything will go hectic around you. The options will seem endless, especially when it comes to choosing a wedding hairstyle. You can either do one of those mesmerizing hair updos, or you can your hair half up/ half do to create a princess appeal. According to the type of wedding dress you choose and complementary accessories, you’ll be able to make your choice. Check out these steps to know how you can do this.

Coordinate With Your Wedding Style

The good thing about all that wedding planning is that it’s going to help you choose your hairstyle. If your wedding has a more formal appeal to it, you might want your hair and dress to compliment that appeal. If you’re having a casual wedding, you can simply keep your hair down with a simple hairpiece or even flowers. Make sure that your tresses are complimenting your gown and not competing with it. Loose hair with natural curls will look good for a relaxed, rustic-looking wedding, but if you’re wearing a ball gown-like dress, make sure to keep your hair in an updo like the chignon with a Gibson tuck or an elegant French twist to show off your dress.

Consider Your Hair Length

Since that’s your wedding day, you should be able to wear whatever hairstyle you want. So, if your hair is the appropriate length you need it to be, this is great! If it’s not, don’t worry, as you can simply get some extensions to get that look you need. Luckily, wedding hairstyles encompass all hair lengths, so you’ll find the hairstyle you need that goes along with your hair length. There are hundreds of romantic and sophisticated options for short-haired women. You can even find gorgeous, braided hairstyles, which will look great in modern, vintage, or classic wedding styles. If you have long hair, an updo will be preferable in the summer, but you can wear your hair down in winter.

Show off Your Shiny Hair

Having shiny hair is critical for how your hair will look eventually. Since you’re going to take many pictures on that day, your glowing hair will make you stand out. That’s why you should provide your tresses with the necessary treatment they need days before the wedding. Ladies with naturally sleek straight hair won’t have to worry about this, as their hair is already glossier by nature. Wavy and curly-haired women will need to work on their routine first to ensure that they get that effect. It should be noted that flyaways are a common occurrence during weddings. Whether it’s because of dry hair or static, you can combat this effect by rubbing a dryer sheet on your hair. You can also spray your tresses with anti-static spray to keep them in place.

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Hair Bridal Accessories

When it comes to the finishing touches, you must be careful with what you add to your hair, as it can make or break the whole look. A bridal hair accessory should draw attention to your face and complement your hairstyle. Considering that there are multiple accessories to choose from (pins, vines, chignon wraps, crowns, and combs), it can turn out to be overwhelming pretty quickly. To make sure that you choose the right ones, check out these tips here.

Crowns and Tiaras

Crowns and tiaras are versatile and will work just fine with any hairstyle. Whether you’re wearing a beautiful updo or half up/ half down style, make sure that you choose a dainty-looking tiara to go with the traditional style of the wedding. However, if you’re looking for a dreamier, fairytale-style wedding, you wear a glamorous crown.

Hair Combs

Hair combs come in all shapes and sizes. They’re also the most popular choice of bridal accessories among brides. They’re usually worn in an updo style, and if you’re wearing a veil, it could be placed with a separate comb, which you can remove after the ceremony. Make sure to choose a hair comb that goes along with the color of your flower bouquet for optimal effect.

Hair Vines

If you want boho chic or a romantic look, hair vines will be your optimal option. What’s great about hair vines is that they could be bent and manipulated into whatever shape you need to be, which means it will accent any hairstyle you want. You can either twist a hair vine on the top of your head to make it look like a headband, or you can do a soft updo look and wrap it around the bridal bun.


Now that there is an all-natural trend circulating in the wedding community, the obsession with more natural pieces is increasing. That’s why you’ll find more brides nowadays using flowers as a bridal hair accessory. Flowers can also be manipulated for whatever hairstyle you want. The larger blooms, for example, can be used for simpler hairstyles, while the smaller ones are reserved for intricate hairstyles with elegant loops and twists. Make sure that the flowers in your bouquet are of the same colour as the flowers you put in your hair for consistency.

With that said, you can rest assured that your hair will look its best on your wedding day. There are a lot of factors to consider, multiple styles, and your own taste. The only thing that can ensure that everything will look great on that day are you staying true to your vision. Always have your wedding planner at your side at all times to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

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