5 Important things about Hair spa!

Hair Spa at Home

Hair spa is one of the best ways to pamper those beautiful locks. It’s basically a treatment which helps make your hair strong, bouncy and shiny, while simultaneously dealing with dandruff, damaged hair, and hair fall control. Today it is one of the fastest growing trends in India. The therapy includes a deep massage using any oil, serum, cream as per hair type. Next up is steaming your hair so that maximum amount of product is taken up by your hair.  Now apply a mild best shampoo followed by a conditioner. At last use a mask as per hair type and concern.

Whatever hair type you have there is a hair spa treatment for you, curly hair, dry hair, thin hair and so on. Many people describe hair spa as hair rebirth therapy. As it deeply conditions, nourishes and minimizes the damage caused due to external conditions. Usually, people go for a hair spa before any big events. So that hair looks at its best. Some also like to pamper themselves and maintain hair health.

Hair spa treatment :

Oil mask hair spa: one of the easiest and effective treatment.olive oil is an excellent nourishing oil. Filled with antioxidants helps repair damage.It’s also suitable for all hair types.
Ingredients: coconut oil for hair/olive oil, hot water, towel
Procedure: take 2-3 tbsp oil as per your hair length, texture.
Gently warm it.
Massage gently into your scalp for 10 minutes.
Dip the towel in hot water and squeeze out excess. Place this towel on your scalp. Wrap your hair for 15 minutes.
Wash off with a mild shampoo. Repeat it twice a week.

Hair spa at home for dry hair:

It is difficult to deal with dry hair. Unfortunately, some are born with dry, dull and frizzy hair by nature. Some extra care is needed for dry hair. This banana mask will definitely help get rid of dryness.

Banana mask hair spa at home for dry hair: Bananas are enriched with potassium, vitamins and natural oils. This makes it excellent or your hair. Banana will give your hair a perfect nourishment, and increase its elasticity. This mask works well for dry, damaged hair.

Ingredient: 1 ripe banana, 1 tbsp olive oil, hot water, towel
Procedure: blend banana into a smooth paste.
Add olive oil and make a uniform mixture.
Steam your hair using a hot towel for 15mintues.
Apply the banana and oil mixture all over your scalp and let it rest for 30mintues.
Wash off with a mild shampoo. Which is the best shampoo for your hair? 

Hair spa at home to control hair fall: 

Hair fall can be caused due to lack of nutrition to your hair follicles, stress, lack of care. We need to take special care of our hair if we observe hair fall. The egg mask will give your hair excellent hair nourishment.
Egg mask hair spa to control hair fall: Eggs are a great source of proteins. Which helps your hair grow while also providing strength and preventing any hair damage. A simple tip to always remember is to never wash out an egg mask with hot water. Pair up eggs with different ingredients and you get masks for different hair type.

Ingredient: 1 egg, 2 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp olive oil.
procedure: in a bowl whisk egg, honey, & olive oil to get a uniform mixture.
Apply this mixture to your scalp and leave it for 30minutes.
If you want to have a steam take steam before mask application.
Wash off with cold water using a mild shampoo.

If you want to mask eggy smell you can use, rose water, rosemary essential oil which has anti-dandruff properties.

These are some of the natural masks for hair spa at home. Other than this you can also try out the hair spa kits and mask which are available on the market. Professional brands such as L’oreal, Wella, Matrix, Schwarzkopf have hair masks which are to use at home. they also have different products for different hair type and concerns.

Advantages of hair spa.

A spa is always a relaxing therapy. It will mostly have advantages for you some they are:

1.Strength hair roots: the main and most important purpose of hair spa. Hair spa strengthens hair roots, nourishes hair follicles and revitalizes your scalp. Most of the time hair fall is caused due to the weak hair root. Hair spa will give strength to roots and thus will reduce hair fall gradually.

2.Improves blood circulation: massage during hair spa help increase blood circulation. This enables hair follicle to get more nutrients from your bloodstream. Due to which your scalp health will improve.

3.Protects from dandruff: yes! You can get rid of those white flakes.  Hair spa will reduce your dandruff. Dandruff is caused due to dry scalp, excess oil production, stress, environmental pollution. Hair spa massage relaxes brain nerves to get relief from stress. This will reduce excess dandruff and dryness in your scalp. Beauties with dandruff will have to take few sessions to get rid of dandruff completely. This completely depends on your hair, scalp and dandruff intensity.

4.Balance oil secretion: Sebaceous glands secrete natural oil which is present on our scalp. Too much or too little of anything is always bad. Same is with natural oils. Excessive oil will cause blocking of pores on scalp leading to infections and weakening of hair. Less oil will result in dry scalp and white flakes.

5.Manage frizzy, dry hair: frizz is a big no-no. But curly hair always has a lot of frizz and it is difficult to manage. Hair spa comes to your rescue. Oiling and conditioning will help you tame the fizz. A spa will also add a good shine and texture to your hair. Repairs damage caused due to dryness.

6.Reduces stress: the most advantageous thing. Hair spa involves head and scalp massage. Massage primarily helps to eliminate stress which is one of the reasons for hair problems. Due to massage blood circulation increases which relaxes nerve endings. Hence we get a stressed free feeling.

 Disadvantages of hair spa 

1.Affect colored hair: if you have recently colored your hair. Watch out before taking a hair spa as it might fade away your hair color. Another way is you can consult your spa therapist. Ask them to use products which are specially formulated for colored hair.

2.Heavy on pocket: the cost of hair spa is always dependent on your hair length. Different salon may have a different rate. For long hair beauties, it will be more expensive and likewise for short hair.
We can definitely have a hair spa at home if you are on a budget. Some regular products from your shelf and you are sorted out.

Some general doubts regarding hair spa are

1.How can we do hair spa at home?

It is very easy to do hair spa at home. as explained above the masks can be used for hair spa treatment at home. otherwise, we can get a hair spa kit from the market and use it. the general steps include. oiling using an oil of our choice. steaming using a steamer or a towel soaked in hot water. wash with a mild shampoo. conditioning as per your hair concerns. lastly hair mask this will lock up all nourishment. After mask wash off without using any shampoo. let your hair dry naturally.

Today, we also have some beauty service provider who visits our house personally to give us beauty treatments.

2.Is hair spa good for hair growth?

YES! it will definitely enhance your hair growth. Few sessions are required as per your hair condition. take good care of your hair, maintain them after doing a hair spa.

3.Which is the best product for hair spa?

There are many products available today on the market. according to different hair type, hair texture, hair concerns and so on. explore and find out which suits you.

Comment down if you have any other queries.

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