How does a micro needling treatment work, and how should it be used to get the best results possible?

Acne scarring is an everyday nightmare. Uneven skin tone won’t look good on wedding pictures. Or maybe you just want to smoothen some facial wrinkles… There are many reasons to consider a microneedling device as a do-it-at-home cosmetic procedure. In this article, we will take a closer look at the subject. Stay with us, then, and prepare your skin to get rejuvenated.

The collagen induction therapy

But first, what is all that microneedling procedure about? It’s very straightforward, really. A professional Dr Pen GB Auto Microneedle System, for example, uses fine, precisely engineered needles that create a lot of tiny punctuations in the skin texture. This stimulates the cells. It makes them work and use their own resources. A wound healing response, experts call it. As a result, perfectly natural hyaluronic acid and collagen production increases. Skin elasticity gets improved. Atrophic acne scars become reduced. In some cases, even nasty surgical scars can be minimized this way. So, as the Indian Dermatology Online Journal has put it, “Microneedling is a very simple, safe, effective, and minimally invasive therapeutic technique”.

Severe acne scars and stretch marks

Skin needling machines from Doctor Pen offer different types of needle cartridges that are used for different types of skin concerns. In addition, these microneedling devices have the ability to regulate the depth of punctuation. That provides more active percutaneous collagen induction therapy, and this is the reason, why such procedures must be performed carefully. The amount of sessions matters as well as their intensity. You don’t want to overdo it, don’t you?

The thing is, too much of powerful microneedling in a too short amount of time can have some negative effects. Darker skin tones might appear in the treatment area etc. Therefore, it is advisable to always consult with your dermatologist’s office in order to set the right procedure period, number of sessions required for your particular condition and rules to use the dermapen at home. Perhaps a break in the therapy will be necessary. Maybe a reduction of speed level products from Dr Pen USA official website have up to 6 speed levels and 8000-15000 RPM). All depends from a particular situation, and none of them are ever the same.

Mild skin conditions

A similar thing can be said about less harsh problems. Skin pen microneedling procedures work very well not only as an acne treatment, for instance, but a skin rejuvenation solution in general. Our skin’s pigmentation can change in time. Here and there, some of us can encounter mild sagging skin issues. A microneedling device with the right set of cartridges alongside slower RPM and speed level might be more than enough to deal with such concerns. That is usually recommended for people, who suffer from allergies. Creams and other kinds of cosmetics contain chemistry that some of us are very sensitive to. Microneedling therapy doesn’t require any chemicals that are not already available for your own body to use.

Besides, regular and careful use can do wonders for an aging skin that is bound to get some wrinkles sooner or later. With Dr Pen professional microneedling devices, you can postpone such processes and make aging less dramatic. That can be important for many women, but don’t think men are different in that matter. In fact, quite a lot of actors, models and ordinary guys use pro microneedling tools to keep their fresh and young appearance as long as they possibly can without dermatological surgery or expensive chemical injection.

Is microneedling painful?

That depends. The deeper the treatment settings, the more intense skin irritation occurs. That can result in some amounts of pain, yes. But it is nothing a teenager can’t handle. What’s more, a bit of numbing cream can easily stop the discomfort. Also, facial redness might be present. It is very natural, though, since you create tiny punctures in your skin structure. But too much of discoloration and pain is a very simple sign that perhaps it’s time to put the microneedling pen aside for a few days. It is always wise to let the skin cells rest, and do some magic on their own. That’s how it is usually done by supermodels, TV presenters and all the celebrities, man and women alike.

Does microneedling treatment stimulates hair growth?

Yes, Dr Pen can help with that. But it will not do the job all alone. It is often recommended as a supporting solution for all sorts of hair growth therapies. The combined power of microneedling and renowned topical like minoxidil, for example, might be just the thing to fight the hair loss problem with. However, just as it is with more dramatic skin concerns, a proper consultation with a specialist should always take place before committing to such measures. Wrong usage of a skin needling pen can do more harm than good, you know. Just be smart about it, and all will be fine.

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