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The idea of a beach-themed wedding ceremony is highly enticing for many couples. However, not all of us have the possibility to fly our guests out to an exotic destination. Plenty of couples choose infusing their venues with exotic beach vibes, creating a magical experience for themselves and their guests. All it takes is a few easy and affordable hacks and tips. From pearls to palm leaves, there are many ways to create a perfect beach-inspired wedding. Check them out below!

Beachy Centerpiece Displays

First, start by making sure that your centerpieces are on-theme. For that island-inspired décor, use glass jars filled with sand and add a few seashells and plenty of pearls to create a perfect beachy centerpiece. Use tropical fruit alongside your jars for a pop of color (if needed) and add seafoam colored vases filled with florals for the ultimate beachy upgrade. Take it a step further and match your bridal earrings to your centerpieces by choosing a pair of dazzling pearl hoop earrings or a pearl-adorned veil to coordinate with your theme.

Lush Greenery

Mother nature is a great source of eco-friendly materials for wedding décor, especially if we are talking about a beach-themed event. Tropical leaves are a great budget-friendly touch which can infuse beach inspiration into your ceremony. Use palm leaves to decorate the guest chairs and the wedding arch and add a few of the same plants wherever you feel like you need a touch of greenery. Combine natural elements, like bamboo, with layers of lush greenery to create the perfect tropical entryway, which will WOW all your guests as soon as they arrive at the venue.  

Beach-Inspired Photo Corner

We all love a good photo corner at a wedding. If you are looking to create a stunning backdrop for yourself and your guests, hang plenty of romantic string lights in your photo corner. A tropical arch made out of palm leaves and lush blooms creates the ideal frame for the perfect wedding photo. A pair of wicker chairs or a bohemian macramé hammock screams beachy-chic, while providing comfy seating for the photo session.

Under the Sea Aisle Décor

Another big area where you can add some aquatic touches is the aisle. Place sea-glass vases filled with sand or seashells alongside your aisle and complement them with bright corals. Add a few branches of greenery for that much-needed touch of lush appeal and you’re ready to walk down your beach-inspired aisle.

Decorate With Seashells and Pearls

You can’t have a beach-themed wedding without seashells. Probably the poster child of an island-inspired event, seashells can fill up every corner of your space, from the table to the bar and even the photo-corner. Don’t skimp on the beach details on your wedding cake and add seashells on your candy bar as well. You can find this beach-staple in bulk on Amazon, so don’t worry if you don’t have access to the real thing. Plus, they are affordable décor pieces and you can reuse them for other themed parties in the future.

Include the gems of the seas in your wedding décor by accessorizing the bride and groom chairs with long pearl strings, paired with white and ocean blue ribbons and tulle. Carry out this pairing of pearls and ribbon in your wedding arch for a cohesive, beachy look that’s simply whimsical.

An Ocean-Inspired Cake

The wedding cake is definitely a highlight – and even more so when it shows up decorated with the ocean’s gems in white frosting. Ask your baker to use a combination of shades of blue and seafoam green to decorate your cake and add corals, pearls or seashells to finish-off that beautiful beach-themed tiered pastry.

Tropical Bar Setup

Serve up your Margaritas and Piña Coladas at your Hawaiian-inspired bar. Decorate this space with plenty of colorful tropical fruit like exotic pineapples, delicious coconuts, and gorgeous bright-pink dragon fruit. You could go as far as creating your own wedding signature cocktail and serve it up in real coconuts.  Your guests will go crazy for them as they are the perfect accessory for an Instagram-worthy pic. Complement your edible décor and delicious drinks with a few palm leaves and you’ve got yourself the best beach-inspired bar.

Add a Touch of Sparkle

No wedding is ever complete without a little touch of glam and glimmer. For a beach inspired wedding, opt either for silver elements or gold details (reminiscent of a summer sunset). Don’t go overboard with the sparkle, as beach themes are all about looking natural and effortless. A few silver candleholders, iridescent mother of pearl coasters or golden coral napkin rings are just the right amount for that elevated beach wedding look.

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