How to Look and Feel Amazing on Your Wedding Day

Whether your special day is just around the corner, or you have plenty of time to get things organised, getting married to the person you love should be something to look forward to, rather than dread. From an early age, many of us have an idea of how our wedding day will look. From the type of venue to the catering, getting everything set in stone beforehand is key for the occasion.

Most importantly, when you walk down the aisle, you want to look and feel a million dollars. So, here are some simple tips on how you can look and feel amazing on your wedding day.

Look After Your Skin

No matter how far away your wedding day is, you should already have a skincare routine in place. Keeping your skin in excellent shape is essential for reducing the signs of ageing. So, make sure you use moisturiser, cleanser, and facial masks and creams that, when combined, can elevate your skincare routine and leave you glowing. Make sure you also drink plenty of water which will keep you and your skin hydrated. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, there are extra measures you can take, like having a chemical peel.

Improve Your Smile

As you enter your wedding venue and walk down the aisle surrounded by your friends and family, the chances are you will have a gleaming smile on your face. If you haven’t been blessed with snow-white teeth, your confidence may be affected as a result. It’s important to show your happiness and joy throughout your wedding day. So, considering a procedure like teeth whitening can boost your self-esteem. Not only will teeth whitening enhance your smile, but it can also help kill bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease.

Monitor Your Weight

Many brides-to-be set themselves on a mission to lose weight before their big day. If this sounds like you, you must get into the habit of exercising regularly. We all want to fit perfectly into our wedding dress. So, make sure you integrate physical activity into your routine. From the moment you start doing so, you will notice huge benefits for your mental and physical wellbeing. If you’re not a fan of the gym or working out around others, there are tons of activities you can do from the comfort of your own home. To keep you motivated, it may be worth finding a fitness pal so you can spur each other on.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

When the night before your wedding comes around, it’s normal to get jittery and anxious about what lies ahead. While your wedding day will be full of excitement and joy, many brides-to-be feel incredibly nervous and under pressure for everything to run smoothly, which can impact your sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is imperative for your general health and wellbeing. So, make sure you allocate plenty of time to rest and relax before hitting the hay. If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, there are numerous tips that can help you wake up feeling ready and raring to go for the day ahead.

Choose the Perfect Dress

From start to finish, you need to feel comfortable and relaxed in your wedding dress. While you may want to impress your friends and family, if you don’t feel satisfied in your gown, it will show on your face and in your demeanour. So, make sure you shop at a quality boutique. For example, The Sposa Group Bride, a wedding dress Melbourne company, sells a wide range of gorgeous wedding dresses. You can book an appointment with the team in Melbourne or Canberra to try on a gown to help make your mind up. The Sposa Group also sells accessories like veils and detachable trains that can beautifully complement your dress.

Select a Fitting Hairstyle

Once you’ve found the perfect dress, the rest of your look needs to complement your gown. Your hairstyle especially needs to fit the theme and aesthetic, otherwise you run the risk of people turning heads for all the wrong reasons. Once you’ve picked a hairstyle that suits your personality, there are accessories like a headpiece that can elevate your look.

Find a Reputable Makeup Artist

If you aren’t the best at putting on makeup, it may be wise to hire a reputable makeup artist to do the hard work for you. Getting everything right can be a challenge. So, to avoid mascara running down your face or patchy foundation, you need to schedule a makeup trial first. From the beginning, you can sit down with your makeup artist and discuss what look you’re going for to ensure they get it right.

Go for a Manicure

Having your nails professionally manicured can fill you with confidence on your wedding day. However, you need to get the timing right to ensure your nails look their best. If you have them manicured too far in advance, there is the risk of your nail breaking or chipping your polish, whereas if you leave things too late, you may not be happy with the result and find you’re unable to change it.

Start the Day Right

From the moment you wake up on the morning of your wedding day, getting off to a good start is key. It’s normal to feel nervous and stressed in the run-up to your big day. So, eating a light meal, surrounding yourself with loved ones, and keeping positive can be a big help. If anything goes wrong, try and stay cool and content. There are many relaxation techniques that can bring your stress levels down and keep you upbeat. If things get too much, knowing you have a shoulder to cry on can put your mind at ease.

When tying the knot, you will want to feel like nothing else matters in the world. So, try these tips to boost your confidence and ensure you look back on your wedding day with fondness. They will also help you feel as good on the outside as you do on the inside.

Annu Kumari is a writer cum makeup artist and an introvert. From studying Aeronautical Engineering and wanting to design her own aeroplane to writing articles on beauty.

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