How to Transport a Wedding Dress Correctly

Moving soon and want to take your memories with you? Or need to take your precious wedding dress with you to another place where the ceremony will take place? Ask yourself: what is it about this? The answer is quite simple: many do not know how to properly transport the main outfit and what in principle should be done with it so that on the wedding day, the young woman looks great. If you are moving your life will be easier if you address part of your moving to professionals. Check moving company reviews and ask for a Moving Quote. Expenses are always disappointing but using nowadays tools like approximate moving cost calculator or numerous apps will help you to plan and even save your money. 

4 variants of packaging:

1. The vacuum bag is suitable for fabric that is not afraid of creases. If the bride is sure that the dress is not in danger, the vacuum bag will reduce the volume of the wedding dress as much as possible.

2. Many brides will be enough to pack branded packages. When buying a wedding dress in a salon or store, sales consultants often face a request to pack and unpack the purchased product, doing it as correctly as possible and without unnecessary bends.

3. The coffer or case for clothes there, especially for the crease of tissue with which we must be very careful. Getting into the cabin of the plane, the bride should be friendly, so that the flight attendant will help you find the right place for the bride’s main treasure. If there is no help to wait from where, carefully and without psychos, you should put the trunk in the locker for hand luggage.

4. the waterproof base for the packaging is necessary so that the main outfit does not have an accident. Other family members may not close the bottle of water or juice properly, and this can lead to an accident that the bride does not need. Not bad if the trunk will have secret pockets for garters, hairpins, tiaras, rings, veils and underwear.

Tip #1: Pack the dress yourself, lay soft paper between each bend. This will keep the wedding dress fresh.

Tip #2: wherever the wedding dress is, you should always write on the packaging: “Attention wedding dress” or “Dress in a box”.


Vacuum bag.

1. Not getting a wedding outfit with a branded case, you should invest in a vacuum package.

2. use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the air out of the bag and close the lid tightly.

3. Carefully fold the package according to the size of box.

A trunk or cover for clothing.

When purchasing a wedding dress in the salon, girls are provided with a cover as a gift or for rent for safe transportation. Packaging the dress, the bride should say that her outfit is waiting for long transportation, so you need the highest quality and tight trunk.


Before putting a dress in a suitcase without additional packaging options, the main outfit should be turned on the wrong side. This will protect the most expensive for the bride from possible damage.

Tip: for a wedding dress, you need to allocate a separate suitcase, so that no accompanying neighborhood does not spoil the appearance of the dress.

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