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Perfect details every married woman must know about Karwa Chauth essentials
Like we all know Karva Chauth is one of the highly celebrated occasions that has a huge significance
in the life of any married couple. This year Karwachauth is esteemed on Wednesday, 1 Nov, 2023., which
lies on Saturday or the date may vary. Most of the Hindu women belonging from various states
follow Karwachauth fasts to solicit their husband’s endurance by offering various sacraments to the
moon. It does not depend on which country the women are Hindus do follow this festive tradition
for obtaining a life fulfilled with their husband, love, and happiness unconditionally. For, men
KarwaChauth is the peak moment to give their lady a soothing experience, and booking some
finest home parlor service from a professional will add gracious audacity to your women.

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Karwa Chauth Makeup

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  • After reaching at the temple with the essential Karwachauth pooja samagri the women
    listen to the Karwachauth Katha the women have to offer certain offerings and pass on the
    plates filled with fruits, flowers, sindur and other items of ‘Saaj-sajawat’ to one another.
    later on, the women at the end of the Katha begin singing the Karwachauth Arti in terms of
    taking blessings from Parvati Mata for a never-ending bond between the couples.
  •  Once the moon appears, the women along with their husbands offer water and pooja to the
    moon and the husbands offer their wives water thus the fast gets broken with a final
    positive note.


Best karwa Chauth gift for wife is to book home salon

Want to surprise your loved ones this Karwachauth with some extra help and delights, Karwachauth
is the festival supposed for women. Where they are expected to look like a newly wedded bride who
wants to make it go perfectly well. Adding some help is one of the ongoing contributions from the
men and women who orchestrate such as by booking some best karwa Chauth gift for the wife is to
book home salon service. Even women who are looking forward to pampering their ladies squad
who are going to attain the fast with some prompt and relaxing in-house salon experience.

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Karva Chauth 2023

Karwa chauth is all about the mesmerizing beauty of the women who have to follow `16 Shringar’ i.e.
16 beautifying aspects from Karwa Chauth Mehndi Designs up to the outfits, accessories, makeup,
cleansing, facial, other parlor services to bring glam to their faces. Applying Mehendi is one of the
traditions followed by the women during Karwachauth, booking one of the professional Mehendi
The expert can offer you a tremendous and in-depth Mehendi making services at reasonable rates.
Many salon`s or parlors offer these services in the form of packages. With the intention of the
signifying Karwachauth women, follow around India, due to which many book parlor services
beforehand to get the ideal disguise at the auspicious day with the makeup, accessories and best
Therefore, what can a man do for you if he thinks of contributing into something worth efforts if you
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Karwa Chauth Vidhi

So, beginning with the KarwaChauth Vidhi, which is the essential part of the entire fast, is observed
without food and water, in order to pray for the husband’s long life. We have some exciting and
effective details on how to commence with your Karwachauth fast:

Karwa Chauth begins from the morning early at sunrise where the women who are going to
attain fast must eat sargi, which is mean prepared especially by the mothers-in-law. If in
case your mother-law is unable to prepare anything, you can yourself prepare the food.

  •  Once the women eat sargi she has to follow the strict fast without food and water the entire
  • Women then begin their day in pampering themselves for which some go for salons or get
    the parlor services at home. Applying Mehendi adds sparkles to your day and resembles the
    wife as a newlywed woman. Husbands can indeed participate in giving your wife pre-
    Karwachauth contributions in order to look perfect on the day.
  •  Women observing fast visit temples of Ganpati, Shiva and Parvati Mata where the
    Karwachauth rituals are carried out. Before leaving for the temple these beautiful women,
    wear one of their best attires or their wedding dress to revive the spiritual bond of
    eternity with their husbands.

Pamper the ladies of the house make them feel special and important

Karwachauth is the best moment of time that adds values and colors of love in the lives of the
couples who want to keep their bond strong. Yet, offering the ladies of your house with some eye-
popping Karwachauth Gifts Hampers or some exceptional best Mehendi services at home from a
professional person to give you full-fleshed services with inexpensive package deals.
Even women these days a woman presents their mother in laws with Poyi or baya gifts to strengthen
their relationship, while adding some extraordinary parlor at home plans will be perfect. Even if
your saas stays away from you, you can still give her the surprises she would love to experience.
Women fast all day long for their husband`s long life, whereas, men can in return fix some
Karwachauth Special Salon Packages that can prosper the love and gesture of sharing a love with
your loved ones. Bringing a wide smile and giving relaxing upshots to your loved ones or yourself if
you are women makes this festival auspicious and wonderful.

Karwa Chauth Mehndi Designs

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Karwa Chauth makeup and hairstyle

What time does the Moon rise in Delhi on Karwa Chauth?

It is expected to rise at 8 pm or 20:00

When is Karwachauth in 2023?

The Karwachauth will be celebrated on Wednesday, 1 Nov, 2023.

What are Karwachauth Muhrat timings?

The Karwachauth Muhrat begins from 03:01 am to 05:53 am.

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