She Can Ride – Safe!

Generation Z has been one of the major contributors in creating a boom in the tourism industry worldwide. The involvement of women travellers (both solo and group) has also hurled substantial growth in the travel industry. The much known fact that women travellers don’t hesitate to take up challenges whether, in water, terrains, mountains or even the sky is simply enthralling. This plunge in the activity driven travel expeditions (especially by women travellers) have also provided enough reasons for various companies and brands to create gears and accessories which fit both the style and the safety quotient for such travel enthusiasts.

What kind of Fashion and Safety Accessories are available in the market?

  1. Best Features in Motorcycle Helmets for Women

The immense competition between existing and new companies in the market today makes the buyer vulnerable. Selecting a product can turn out to be a daunting task. However, if one can focus on identifying the best motorcycle helmets for women that play a vital role in providing protection to the rider against conditions such as,

  • hot, cold, rainy, or stormy weather, and
  • wet, dry, slippery, gravel roads, etc.,

the selection process becomes easy.

  1. Distinguishing layers of the helmet

One of the prominent equipment for a motorcycle or bike rider (women or men) is the ‘helmet’. One can choose from various shapes, sizes, and styles available in the marketplace. The latest technological advancements have also been embraced by various companies that are being extensively used in helmets and other gears in the automotive industry. While making a purchase of a helmet, one should look at the following features-

  • Hard outer shell (material used: fiberglass, hard plastics, carbon fibre or Kevlar),
  • the EPS second layer (material used: polystyrene),
  • the innermost layer or padded layer or armour (material used: low-density polyurethane),
  • the Chinstrap (to hold the helmet in place).

Identifying the correct fit of a helmet is the most rewarding practice for a rider. The right size and fit of the helmet can protect one from various head injuries (during an accident). Hence, one should choose their helmet wisely. The accepted approval signages as defined by several accreditation bodies are- BSI, ECE or CE marks.

The helmet should also be effective in eliminating noise as it may cause a distraction for the rider in a busy road.

Various studies have also revealed that the different genres of bikers have a specific requirement when it comes to selecting helmet colours. For example,

  • ‘Touring bikers’ select single light-coloured helmets for their travels.
  • Similarly, ‘Cruise Bikers’ have their liking towards single dark-coloured helmet ranges.
  • On the other hand, ‘Sports Riders’ have the tendency of wearing multi-coloured helmets.
  1. Best Features in All-Weather Motorcycle Jackets for Women

Biker jackets are in huge demand all across the globe. Since women riders are having a ubiquitous presence in today’s world, various companies (online and offline) have introduced gender specific all weather motorcycle jackets. While investing in a Jacket, a rider should take into consideration the following qualities:

  • Fabric Material (material of choice: Leather, Abrasion and weather resistant),
  • Breathable fabric,
  • comfortable zipper fastener and closer options,
  • number of pockets, impact protectors (for the elbow, shoulder, and back),
  • material which enhances visibility in inconspicuous conditions,
  • Storm-flap inclusion facility (for protection against cold weather), and
  • Water-resistant material (commonly sold as the cheap alpinestars jackets).

Other features include soft-collars to eliminate the laceration of the skin during long journeys, mesh enhancements, respectively. The density quotient (or the heaviness of the jacket) determines the durability factor of the jacket.

Weather and Adventure on Wheels

The climatic conditions in India are quite diverse in nature, especially for a knight errant. In such dire conditions, the maintenance of the biker gear gains prime importance. The comfort factor which remains constant during adverse situations during globetrotting comes as a sigh of relief for the traveller. The rustic charm of a rider gear is hidden in its durability and adaptability.

The contour of a jacket for women riders is designed to stay put the impact of any injury or abrasion they may face during their journey. There are several standards as per the tests conducted on the wearable materials that play a significant role in determining its safety parameter.  The crucial role of a manufacturing unit in the production of jackets is to supervise the quality of material used which should qualify in the cut, burst or tear resistant checks, high-density check, impact crashes protection check, and overall the effectiveness of the clothing.


High-speed riders are open to challenges and therefore are also prone to adversities in the form of accidents. Hence, it is imperative to protect them with the utmost care. The ultimate goal of a rider gear is to enable the rider to create an immemorial experience during their travel. Bon Voyage! Protection Status

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