Live Wedding Band Types: The Ultimate Guide

It is possible to select a live band that suits the theme and style of your wedding from many different types. A combination of two or three bands is a good way to keep things interesting throughout your special day if your budget allows. You might want to consider these ten types of wedding bands!

  1. Rock & roll band

You might think a rock band isn’t the best choice for a wedding, but a rock chick won’t settle for anything else. The band might be able to customize the song list for your wedding so it’s fun and light, or maybe they can play a variety of timeless rock songs. If you’re going to have a heavy rock party, start with a song everyone can enjoy, follow that with a heavier rock session afterwards, and finish with a lighter song.

If The Wedding Singer forever ruined wedding bands for you, than a live wedding DJ is a great alternative option. They can play a much larger variety of songs than a wedding band, and provide great energy for the whole event.

  1. Latin band

Latin music evokes passion like no other. Samba, salsa, and tango are some of the popular dance styles that make Latin music so exciting and sensual. Bohemian weddings can be complemented by the feisty music of bands with Cuban and Brazilian influences.

  1. Pop group

Pop music is a great choice for evening receptions with a disco if you’re inviting mostly young people. You can mix the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s hits with current hits to make sure everyone’s happy. The wedding breakfast can also be filled with carefully selected pop songs. Make sure you keep the volume pretty low and don’t offend Great Aunt Sheryl with the lyrics.

  1. Instrumental ensemble

An ensemble of instrumental musicians is classy and is generally a good choice at the wedding breakfast, for pre and post-ceremony itself, and at the cocktail reception. A string quartet is definitely the coolest, but harp, cello, and flute ensembles are also on the rise.

  1. Soul/Funk band

You’ll love this genre if you want dance tracks with powerful beats and hot horn riffs. You’ll fill up your dance floor super fast with the familiar backbeat of Stevie Wonder’s songs and popular James Brown hits. It’s also really popular with every age group so you can be sure that it will be a great party fueled by soul and funk!

  1. R&B band

Having an R&B band play at your wedding can add a little extra soul, especially if it’s in a venue with a modern feel, like a nightclub. R&B music is available in many tempos so that the band can play at any point in the reception; however, this music typically lends itself better to an evening reception.

  1. Swing band

You’re sure to get your loved ones pumped up with swing music, which features brass flares, catchy rhythms, and quick drum beats. These bands can play both styles, so tell your hipster uncles and older relatives to dig out their vintage boots since the wedding reception will be awesome!

  1. Jazz Band

The styles of jazz range from hot and upbeat to warm and mellow. This is why jazz music has become one of the most popular choices for those who are looking to give their guests an unforgettable musical experience at their weddings. A jazz band playing at a wedding usually combines swinging, fast jazz with slow ballads in order to provide a mood that fits the wedding reception’s atmosphere.

  1. Reggae band

If you are planning a relaxed, casual celebration or one with a Caribbean theme, you can create the feeling that the sun is shining in spite of even the cloudiest of days with the help of a reggae band. Their captivating rhythms will keep your guests swaying till it’s time to go home.

  1. Indie Band

Indie music exists outside of mainstream record labels and playlists. Having an indie band play your event will get your guests pumped up for an evening full of dancing and entertainment. If you’re planning to have an outdoor reception in a more casual setting, this music genre is guaranteed to keep everyone dancing the whole night.

  1. Celtic band

Having a Celtic band perform at your wedding for a ceilidh or barn dance, regardless of whether the theme of your wedding is Celtic, can truly add to the experience. These lilting melodies and lively jigs will make your wedding an unforgettable memory if you have it outdoors in a country setting.

That’s right, we just gave you a list of the most popular genres of live wedding bands so that you will know what to expect if you book them. We hope that using that information, you are able to narrow down the ideal band a little more quickly. Happy hunting!

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