How Much Does Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Cost for Bridal?

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

The wedding venue and food for the guests are often not the biggest expenses for your wedding day: It’s your makeup and hair.

Looking fantastic on your wedding day is a must. Hair and makeup are the best way to change your everyday chic or contemporary style to glamorous. The cost of wedding hair and makeup can vary depending on the stylist you use and where you live. This means prices can range up to $600 for someone to do your hair and makeup!


You can do your hair and makeup yourself and save money. However, this is your special day, and besides, you have a lot of other things to do on your big day. If you want someone else to do your wedding hair and makeup, keep reading. Below are some tips on saving money on your wedding day makeup and hair.

Meet Your Stylist at Their Location

Instead of having your hair and makeup person coming to your place, meet them at the salon or their workplace. The charge for their travel is built into the total charge for doing your hair and makeup. In fact, they can charge quite a bit for coming to you.


Be sure to think logistically. If the salon is too far away, then book the beauty services at home meet them in a central location for both of you. You don’t want to keep your groom and guests waiting.

Don’t Let Your Stylist Know about Your Big Day

Another way to save money is not to reveal it’s your wedding day. Why? Stylists often charge brides more money than if you are the bridesmaid or actress going to a photo shoot. Instead, tell them you’re going to a black-tie event or are having your portrait taken.

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Ask Your Beauty Store Makeup Artist to be Your Stylist on Your Wedding Day

Do they know you at your favourite beauty store like Sephora? Do you have a favourite store makeup artist that you go to for advice on every occasion? Well, ask her or him if they’d be willing to do your makeup on your wedding.

Did you know that some stores even offer makeover sessions with a purchase? It’s good to ask if the makeover session can be done on your wedding day. It will definitely save you money.

Hire a Stylist-in-Training

You’ve read some great ideas, but you still want that professional look that you’ve always envisioned on your wedding day. That’s OK. This last tip is for you. You can save money by hiring an up-and-coming stylist.

Many stylists in colleges and online are trying to build their portfolio. Find someone with about six or more months in the wedding industry. Request pictures they’ve done with previous clients. Check online and offline for reviews by their former clients. The easiest way to find the stylist is to check their previous eye makeup they have done.

If you do hire an up-and-coming stylist,  make sure they offer you a free consultation before negotiating any payments. It’s important for them to show you their work prior to working on your hair and makeup for the big day. If you don’t like what you see, don’t be afraid to go to someone else.

The reason why up-and-coming stylists are great is that they have plenty of experience. They just haven’t acquired enough business. Thus, their prices are more affordable than stylists at a salon. Also, they will usually offer discounts if you post your makeup photos on your social media accounts.

Ask for Discounts

If your wedding is not in the traditional wedding season, ask for discounts from your stylist and makeup artist. Many beauty experts will agree to discounts if they don’t have a lot of business at the time of your ask. Regardless of who you pick, remember you can save money on your wedding hair and makeup.


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