Sweating is a natural process that cools your body while eliminating some toxins. Deodorant forms an essential component of hygiene routines for most people irrespective of whether they are normally going through their day or sweating it out on the court. Therefore, it is important to opt for a natural deodorant that does not hamper this natural detoxification process. We all know sweat stains and smelly armpits are embarrassing, but it does not mean that we must use any deodorant that could harm us.

Why should you opt for a natural deodorant?

Here are a few reasons why you must go for a natural deodorant. 

1. Does not Clog Pores

Sweating is essential; the smell isn’t! A natural deodorant ensures you still sweat naturally while removing the smell. We use deodorant because of the smell! Sweating must never be impeded because it regulates your body temperature while releasing toxins from natural physiological processes.

The traditional, chemical-laden deodorants often clog pores, making it difficult for your body to sweat naturally. Organic deodorants prevent odor by preventing natural bacteria from mixing with the skin’s salty sweat while letting your body sweat as it should. 

2.      Offers Fresh Smell

The accumulation of sweat beneath your skin comes with collecting beneficial bacteria involved in digesting your sweat. Traditional deodorants clog the pores, thus limiting your body’s ability to get rid of any harmful bacteria. They mix with aluminum or other chemicals and buildup on your skin, making you smell even worse.

Additionally, the aluminum compounds result in an acidic reaction with fabric, leading to undesirable sweat stains on your clothes. Natural deodorants solve this problem, guaranteeing you a fresh smell without the gross sweat marks!

3.     Does Not Cause Skin Irritation

Natural deodorant does not contain chemicals and other synthetic ingredients that block your pores. Its ingredients allow good bacteria on the skin to work correctly. Components such as grapeseed and coconut oil nourish your skin, leaving it smooth. Bacteria causing foul odour are removed by baking soda. Natural deodorants do not cause skin irritation; hence, you can use them on your armpit after a smooth shave. 

4.     No Chemicals, No Harm! 

The long-term use of conventional deodorants leads to the accumulation of harmful chemicals and other substances in your body. They are absorbed through the skin. The majority of the ingredients of traditional deodorants are commonly associated with health conditions. For instance, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease are connected to aluminium compounds present in antiperspirants.

Some deodorants even contain toxic chemicals that cause infertility. Others containing propylene glycol and paragons are associated with imbalances of hormones such as estrogen. Therefore, opting for natural deodorant is a sure bet of evading unnecessary health conditions.

5.     Gives You a Unique Scent

Maybe you are looking for a scent that is unique to you! Maybe you want to surprise your significant other with a fragrance no one has! There is a great range available in natural deodorants. The ingredients and amount vary with each deodorant. You can also go for your favorite fragrance in a natural deodorant.  

If you try a natural deodorant and it does not work, it may be due to the brand or ingredient mix not suiting you specifically. It does not mean all-natural deodorants won’t work for you. The majority contain baking soda that kills the bacteria on your skin but causes irritation. You can play with other ingredients to find the perfect deodorant for your skin. 

Tips for Switching to Natural Deodorants

Making the switch from the conventional deodorant to a natural deodorant should be done progressively. Therefore, you need to know the appropriate steps to take for a smooth transition. They include: 

1. Taking a few days off any deodorant, meaning you don’t apply anything for your odor. 

2. If necessary, use essential oils during the switch. 

3. You can then start using the natural deodorant after a few days of not using three to four days of not using any. 

4. It would help if you washed daily while exfoliating weekly to eliminate the traditional deodorant toxins.  

5. If the one you start with does not work for you, keep trying others until you find your perfect match. 

6. Always wear natural fabrics to help you remain odor-free while making the switch.


Natural deodorants can be found in most cosmetic stores that sell natural skin-care products or online. We all smell differently, and we may be looking for different fragrances in our deodorants. 

Studies have indicated that different people possess unique genetic variations resulting in differences in how they perceive scents. For instance, you may not like pairing your natural body odor with a patchouli-laced stick, but your spouse, sister, or friend likes it the way it blends with her chemistry. Therefore, finding the right natural deodorant requires you to play around until you find it. 

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