What is the “POKIMANE NO MAKEUP” Trend? Pokimane without makeup

Who is Pokimane?

pokimane no makeup

ImaneAnys, also known as Pokimane and trends pokimane no makeup or pokimane without makeup, is a streamer on twitch. She is from Morocco and Canada. Don’t know what’s twitch? It is a video game broadcasting community. People live stream while playing video games so that their fans can keep track and learn from them. There is also an option to discuss and analyze the game with all the viewers.

Pokimane no Makeup

Pokimaneis is known for live streaming League of Legends, a battle arena video game. In 2018, her pictures pokimane without makeup were doing the rounds. They were the reason for leading to this trend. Read on to know more about this trend!

Why Pokimane is so popular?

She gained popularity owing to her look (obviously the makeup look). Not only this, Pokimaneis a very good gamer and loves to interact with her fans. That is why the viewers always establish an immediate connection with her work. Take a look at the facts as well –

YouTube subscribers 5.76 Million
Instagram 5.7 Millions
Twitch followers 5.9 Million

Another reason for her popularity is her ‘pokimane without no makeup’ controversy. We’ll cover that later on. In addition to this, her take on ‘simps’ has also added to her fan following. So what do you mean by simps? They are males who are overly obsessed with a woman despite her wrongdoings or contrary activities. It is said that the huge fan base of Pokimane is comprised of a majority of simps. This also took a turn off a controversial insight a few years ago. The simp fans were criticized, and Pokimane was criticized for defending them. Here’s what she had to say about this:

“…calling people simpscan be obnoxious and discourages men from even being nice to women on the internet. I am biased towards them (simps) and the (simp) culture has been beneficial to my career.”

Regularly, she used to wear makeup while streaming. It was so obvious that the fans and viewers knew her face by that signature look only. Want to know what happened next? Read on!

Pokimane Controversy

pokimane with no makeup

One day, Pokimane decided to stream without makeup. And boom! Many of her fans couldn’t even recognize her. There was a marked difference in the two looks. The pictures are enough to prove this. The first picture was posted on social media platform Twitter by a netizen named Nekodell (who later apologized as well). People saved those pictures immediately thanks to the humor content. Presently, it is not available in the formal arena.

With time, people began adoring her look.So, one day, she decided to show them how she gets ready before the stream. This was the first time the community saw her without airbrush makeup. Pokimane just wanted to share her experience. With time, it turned into her worst nightmare. The issues of feminism, unrealistic expectations from women, and many other related arguments arose. During the controversial live stream, she did her makeup online and even discussed it. What happened, later on, is still afresh. Before beginning the “no makeup” stream, Pokimanedeclared:

pokimane no makeup stream

“I know not having makeup on is unusual, and some people might meme for it, or whatever, but I think it’s good to not always just be promoting. I look like this naturally. When you have makeup on, you look like you have makeup on.”

The after-effects were even vaster than Pokimane might have expected. People flooded the internet with memes, criticism and there was even support from fellow steamers.

Pokimane without makeup

Origin of the trend

pokimane without makeup

We all know how simple things convert into trends and people just can’t get over them. Similarly, hashtags and posts on “no makeup Pokimane” were spread all around. Even if you search for the phrase today, you are sure to find contrasting pictures.

Her competitors are still using it to tease her fans and followers. Whatever might be the reason, Pokimane benefited from the trend. It led to increased popularity, as well as a curiosity regarding her e girl makeup. Who doesn’t like to look attractive?Pokimane’s view was as follows:

“calling someone else ugly isn’t gonna make you any prettier”

This was enough to declare that she was not fine with the idea of getting trolled for presenting herself in the real form. Some of her followers have been kind enough to support her and regularly ask about how she dealt with all that negative content.

The trend was taken forward by a large number of female streamers who posted their pictures without makeup with apt references to Pokimane. The hashtags soon became the new trend with all these happenings. All of this sparked feminism and sisterly spirit too.

Pokimane no makeup Reasons for criticism

pokimane with no makeup

The controversy has been subject to a lot of criticism from both male and female users. They have come up in support of Pokimane’s step and are brutally against the humiliation meted out to her.

All the people who came up in support of Pokimane played an important role in maintaining her career. Her mental health got a boost too. On the other hand, another section of netizens criticized even the supporters in addition to commenting negligently on the streamer.

It is quite common that people associate internet faces with actual personalities. With time, a lot of stereotypes were broken and the “Pokimane no makeup” controversy soon became a movement. With this, women indulged in self-love and shunned the beauty standards of society. A supporter known as Yellow Spoon Girl wrote accurately:

“This is gonna sound crazy but…did you KNOW that girls aren’t born with black lines on their eyes, their skin isn’t flawless, and get this, their hair isn’t perfect when they wake up either???? WOW THIS IS SUCH CRAZY NEW INFO, FASCINATING DISCOVERY”

All this led to a breakthrough in the fashion industry. There were paragraphs after paragraphs on the female’s struggles and how their bodies are subject to judgments for every chore they do. Some connections can also be made to women’s empowerment.

pokimane with and without makeup

pokimane with or without makeup

pokimane no make up

It kept going…

Hope you got abreast with everything related to Pokimane. The incident had spread out a lot of morals and double standards. People came up with their thoughts and still, you can lead to a heated discussion when you mention Pokimane during dinner table conversations.

Nowadays, people are immediately reminded of the event every time they see a celeb without makeup or if someone has seemingly different looks before and after applying makeup. People who own Pokimane face masks are still quite clear about their stand on their situation.

The lesson to be learned by the online fraternity is to break the notions of good looks. Pokimane is just an example. There might be subsequent trolls and not all trolls help the recipient grow. We do not intend to promote any such humiliation and this work is only for informational purposes.

Puja has more than 5 years of experience as a professional makeup artist. Enhancing natural beauty is foremost in the mind of Puja when she works.

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