Professional Manicure tools and pedicure tools

The fact most people are not aware of is that their fingernails and toenails are an indication of your cleanliness levels. And so, you need to take care of your nails and toenails just like any other part of your body. It is where manicure and pedicure tools play their role. Most people think that manicure and pedicure are only some beauty treatments like facial, hair spa etc. but what they do not realize is that manicure and pedicure are essential beauty treatments. Both of these beauty treatments are important to maintain the cleanliness of fingernails and toenails.

Nail trims also called manicures and pedicures are those beauty treatments that keep the nails and skin of the hands and feet in sound condition. It may mean smoothing calloused skin on your feet. That is why manicure and pedicure tools are used. These tools are convenient when it comes to manicure and pedicure beauty treatments. One more interesting fact is that your hands can precisely uncover your age. So, if you have the desire to keep your hands and feet looking clean, sound and youthful, you have to enjoy a regular manicure and pedicure custom to keep up nail cleanliness and forestall disease. And so, any customer needs to be aware of manicure and pedicure tools.

Best professional manicure and pedicure tools

Must required Must required
Glass Fingernail File for Professional Manicure
  • Nail Type: Normal
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Smooth & Shine Smooth & Shine
Neon Hot 4-in-1 File
  • Nail Type: Normal
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Polishing Nails Polishing Nails
Revlon Crazyshine Nail Buffer
  • Nail Type: Normal
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Clipper Clipper
Professional Acrylic Nail Clipper Nail
  • Nail Type: Normal
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Cuticle Oil Cuticle Oil
Essentials Nail & Cuticle Oil
  • Nail Type: Normal
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Professional manicure and pedicure tools                           Approximate price from amazon

  • Nail Cutter                                                                              ₹75
  • Cuticle pusher                                                                        ₹130
  • Cuticle nipper                                                                        ₹190
  • Nail filer                                                                                  ₹136
  • Nail brush                                                                               ₹99
  • Orangewood stick                                                                 ₹284 (full pack)
  • Nail buffer                                                                              ₹139
  • Cuticle scissors                                                                      ₹139
  • Nail cleaner                                                                            ₹99
  • Cuticle oil/cuticle cream starts                                          ₹200 (varies on the brand)
  • Clear nail polish starts                                                         ₹130 (varies on the brand)
  • Pumice stone/foot file                                                         ₹139
  • Toe separator                                                                        ₹151
  • Pediklear                                                                                ₹399
  • Callus remover/Feet scraper                                             ₹249

Professional manicure tools

Nail artists in nail salons use various manicure tools to remove acrylic nails. These manicure tools are of utmost importance, and if any of the machines are missing from the manicure tools kit, then other manicure tools will not come in handy to achieve great results after your manicure. And any customer must know at least the primary use and need of various manicure tools used. That is why given below is the list of various manicure tools used along with their need and use.

Various manicure tools –

  • Nail buffer
  • Cuticle scissors
  • Hand scrub/manicure scrub
  • Cuticle oil/cuticle cream
  • Tweezers
  • Hand cream/lotion/moisturizer
  • Clear nail polish or white nail polish

Given below is the brief description of all the professional manicure tools –

  • Nail buffer

Nail buffer

Nail buffer is that tool from the manicure tools kit that helps to get rid of the dullness on your nails. This manicure tool likewise assists with evacuating any dry and rough edges on your nails by smoothening them out. The fundamental motivation behind this device is to clean your nails and give them an honest look. Using a nail buffer block adds shine to your fingernails. Using a nail buffer block also improves the surface of the nails and make it simpler to apply and even layer of nail colour. Some nail buffer blocks additionally incorporate a sparkling edge that you can use to give nails a characteristic sparkle after you complete the process of polishing them.

A nail buffer block always utilizes a to and fro movement to buff the fingernails. This manicure tool is used after your nails are drenched and cleaned. One thing to remember while using this manicure tool is that buffing too vivaciously may cause diminishing of nails. You can use this manicure tool at home also to add extra shine to your fingernails. But always remember that a nail buffer should not be used for too long. If you are using it at home, make sure to use it only once a week.

  • Cuticle scissors

Cuticle scissors

These are the littlest and most slender scissors in a manicure tools kit. These scissors are finely pointed because a minuscule sharp edge trims little hangnails or frayed tissue around the nail. Cuticle scissors come in different shapes like standard and tower point.

Alert – Never utilize a fingernail skin scissor for something besides fingernail skin and hangnails.

  • Hand scrub/ manicure scrub

Manicure scrub

Most people are not able to realize the importance of using a hand scrub or manicure scrub. A hand scrub is used to exfoliate your hands. Exfoliating helps to make your skin extra soft and smooth. It additionally assists with evacuating the furthest layer of dead skin cells.

Note – Make sure to use a soft scrub for your hands and test the scrub beforehand by using a small patch on your hands. It is necessary to avoid any itchiness and redness afterwards.

  • Cuticle oil/cuticle cream

Cuticle cream

Cuticles also referred to as fingernail skin is the area that encompasses your nails. Cuticles are also answerable for keeping contaminations and microscopic organisms under control. They go about as an obstruction and secure your nails. Attributable to reasons like inappropriate cutting, nail-biting and overlooking or neglecting to apply a nail/fingernail skin cream, regularly brings about the harm like white lines, white spots, and so on. Contamination or infection can even hamper your nail development. And so, to take care of this need, various cuticle oils or cuticle creams are available. Also, if you do not want to use marketed cuticle creams, you can make a cuticle cream on your own that will assist you in dealing with your cuticles appropriately.

  • Tweezers


Tweezers are little devices utilized for getting objects too small even to consider being expertly taken care of with the human fingers. This manicure tool is also a nail art tool. You can use tweezers to decorate your nails with small beads, rhinestones etc. These are available in three different types – needle nose angles edge and rounded edge tweezers. All three of these are included in a professional manicure tools kit for various purposes.

  • Hand cream/lotion/moisturizer

Hand moisturizer

Moisturizing and massaging are one of the most critical and relaxing steps of a professional manicure. And choosing the right-hand cream, hand lotion or a moisturizer is extremely necessary. Moisturizing and massaging the hands makes the skin softer and smoother. You can choose from various hand creams and moisturizers already available in the market. But make sure that you want it according to your skin type. You should always use a circular motion to massage your hands.

  • Clear nail polish or white nail polish

Clear nail polish

Clear nail polish is primarily used before applying the desired nail polish. It is for the base coat. Using a clear nail polish for the base coat is extremely necessary because it adds extra shine to your nails and also makes sure that nails can be painted with ease. Although using clear nail polish for the base coat is not compulsory, but the top nail experts recommend doing it for that extra shine and smoothness. It is also for the final top layer after applying the desired nail paint. Additionally, you can replace clear nail polish with white nail polish if you want your actual nail paint colour to pop out. The vital point is that the topcoat and the base coat, both should be applied as a thin layer.

So, these are some of the professional manicure tools included in a manicure tools kit. Apart from these manicure tools, some other basic manicure and pedicure tools will be covered later.

Professional pedicure tools

Nail experts in nail salons utilize different professional pedicure tools. These professional pedicure tools are of most extreme significance. Most people go for pedicure sat salons and often wonder about the professional pedicure tools used. Also, it is significant for any client to know in any event the first use and need of different professional pedicure tools utilized. That is the reason, given beneath is the rundown of different pedicure tools utilized alongside their need and use.

Different professional pedicure tools –

  • Pumice stone/foot file
  • Toe separator
  • Pediklear
  • Callus remover/feet scraper
  • Foot cream/lotion/moisturizer
  • Foot scrub or any pedicure scrub

Given below is the brief description of all the professional pedicure tools utilized –

  • Pumice stone/foot file

Pumice stone.2

A pumice stone or a foot file is a handy tool. A pumice stone expels the furthest layer of dead skin cells and calluses typically found on the base of your feet. Additionally, doing this helps in disposing of split skin on feet. It’s a light-yet-rough stone used to expel dry, dead skin, and rough skin of your feet. A pumice stone can likewise mellow your calluses.

If in case, you are using this professional pedicure tool at home, you need to remember specific points. You can utilize the stone every day for your feet, mainly if your footwear includes shoes or anything that uncovered your feet. Additionally, you have to be cautious and try not to put an excessive amount of weight while peeling. You can utilize this stone day by day, yet it’s critical to realize how to use it appropriately. In case you’re not cautious, you can expel excess of skin which can cause bleeding, or increment your danger of getting an infection.

Expert Tip – This multi-purpose professional pedicure tool can additionally be used on your knees and elbows for exfoliating the dead skin cells.

  • Toe separator

Toe seperator

Toe separators also called toe spacers are ideal for isolating toes while doing pedicures at home or in the salon or spa. This tool is put between your toes before you put on the desired nail paint, so it doesn’t smirch. Moreover, this professional pedicure tool helps realigns joints, improve the circulation and fix any bowed toes, which help with foot torment. On interesting fact about this pedicure tool is that This pedicure tool is made of silicon. Because of silicon, it does not cause any pain or irritation to the toes. It is a tiny pedicure tool yet handy even if you just simply want to apply nail polish at home.

  • Pediklear


Pediklear is the all in one professional pedicure tool. In case you’re hoping to accomplish perfect feet with the assistance of only one apparatus, Pediklear is the answer. It has a detailed mineral surface roller that reaches and expels splits, calluses and hard skin before your own eyes. No symptoms ensured. It is waterproof and functions admirably on wet skin.

  • Callus remover/ feet scraper

Callus remover

A callus remover or foot scrubber proficiently disposes of dead, dry, and harsh skin from your impact points to uncover milder, smoother skin. Callus or incredibly dry skin is a troublesome issue by the vast majority. A callus remover can shed the dead cell skins to uncover a lot more youthful, more advantageous, and milder looking feet. There are various kinds of callus removers included in a professional pedicure tools kit, for example, manual callus removers, electric callus removers, and callus expulsion gels or creams. You can choose the best depending upon your necessities and prerequisites.

  • Foot cream/lotion/moisturizer

foot cream

A foot cream, lotion moisturize and massage your foot. It makes the foot skin soft and smooth. Massaging your foot with foot cream, lotion or a moisturizer also has therapeutic advantages. It relaxes your muscles. Most salon experts already have a particular branded lotion included in their professional pedicure tools kit, but you can change it with your favourite foot lotion if you desire.

  • Foot scrub or any pedicure scrub

foot scrub

A foot scrub or a manicure scrub helps in exfoliating. Exfoliating your feet ensures that the dead skin cells are removed, and it also makes the foot skin soft, smooth and shiny.

So, these are the pedicure tools included in a professional pedicure kit. Along with these, there are some ordinary manicure and pedicure tools which are given below.

Standard manicure and pedicure tools

So far, we have covered manicure and pedicure tools separately. But some manicure and pedicure tools are standard for both the beauty treatments. These are the basic and standard manicure and pedicure tools included in both professional manicure and pedicure tools kit.

  • Nail cutter
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle nipper
  • Nail filer
  • Nail brush
  • Orangewood stick
  • Nail cleaner
  • Nail polish of your choice
  • Nail polish remover/acetone remover

Given below are the need and use of all the standard manicure and pedicure tools.

  • Nail cutter

nail cutter

No one is unfamiliar with this tool. A nail cutter is the most basic manicure/pedicure tool in a professional manicure and pedicure tools kit. This tool is mostly used to trim your nails. Cutting them every once in a while is significant to keep up your general wellbeing. It’s ideal for keeping your nails short consistently as this assist with forestalling the spread of infections. It is correct to say that any manicure or pedicure cannot begin before using this manicure and pedicure tool. It is not only used by nail experts around the world but also by the general public in their homes. A nail cutter is small, handy, inexpensive and readily available and familiar to use.

  • Cuticle pusher

Cuticle pusher

Cuticles often referred to as fingernail skin require extra consideration, so they don’t get dry or flaky. A fingernail skin pusher, commonly called cuticle pusher, is utilized to push the skin from your nails back and away. In case you have an extreme, hard surface at that point, it’s ideal to use a steel fingernail skin pusher. In case you have delicate fingernail skin, using a wooden cuticle pusher is best. True to form, it is frequently used to perform manicure and pedicure beauty treatments in different spas.

  • Cuticle nipper

Cuticle nipper

This manicure and pedicure tool resembles a couple of pincers or wire cutters; however, beyond a shadow of a doubt, these are not home improvement shop devices. Cuticle or nail nippers are formed with either straight or sunken cutting edges with a hairline hole in the middle. This professional manicure/pedicure tool manages hangnails, extreme fingernail skin and the dry skin around your nails. It offers extraordinary accuracy to arrive at those restricted spaces and to trim those irritating ingrown nails. It likewise empowers the fragile expulsion of undesirable delicate tissue around your nails.

  • Nail filer

Nail filer 2

A nail filer is used to give the desired shape to your nails. This manicure and pedicure tool is utilized to delicately pound down the edges of your nails, making them smoother and helping you in moulding them. There are different types of nail filers included in a professional manicure and pedicure tools kit for giving different shapes. Some points to remember before using it are – guarantee your nails are dry since wet nails split all the more without any problem. Less pressure should be applied onto your nails for a smooth completion.

Genius Tip: To keep your nails from chipping or breakage, shape them into an oval or square shape, and when you accomplish your ideal outcome, wash and saturate your nails thoroughly.

  • Nail brush

nail brush

This professional manicure/pedicure tool cleans your nails thoroughly. They can likewise expel obstinate stains or earth from the nails. You can also use this tool from the manicure and pedicure tools kit daily to make your nails look flawless, shiny and clean.

  • Orangewood stick

Orangewood stick

As the name suggests, these are the sticks made of Orangewood, fitted with two hints: an adjusted one, regularly utilized for withdrawing the fingernail skin towards the foundation of the nail, and a french tip, pragmatic for some employments. These manicure/pedicure tools are being used every day during a manicure, pedicure, nail extension, application and evacuation of gel polish etc. It is one of the handiest tools included in a professional manicure/pedicure kit.

  • Nail cleaner

nail cleaner

As the name suggests, this professional manicure/pedicure tool helps in cleaning the nails. It helps to clean the debris that collects from under the nail. This actualize clears flotsam and jetsam that collects from under the nail. It takes just seconds to do, simply swipes the tool under the nail. Dirty fingernails are, without a doubt not attractive, so using this manicure/pedicure tool is a must.

  • Nail polish of your choice

nail polish

It is vital to use nail colour. The main motive of a manicure or a pedicure is to beautify and paint the nails. It depends upon your choice, as to what colour you want your nails too. You can choose from various nail paint colours and types available in the market. You can also select two or more colours simultaneously to create different nail art.

Special tip – In place of using colourless nail paint for the base coat, you can use white nail colour for the base coat so that the actual nail paint colour pops out.

  • Nail polish remover/ acetone remover

nail polish remover

Acetone remover or nail paint remover removes the already applied nail colour. It is also used at the start of manicure or pedicure to remove the previous nail colour. It is the essential requirement for any professional or at home manicure or a pedicure.

These are all the professional manicure and pedicure tools included in a manicure/pedicure tools kit.

Apart from these some basic requirements for a manicure and pedicure at a salon or home are –

  • Basin or a bucket to soak your hands and feet
  • Finger bowl
  • Bath salts/rock salts/ shampoo – these are added in the warm water to give you a more relaxed feeling. It helps to relax the body muscles and also provides healing and therapeutic advantages.
  • Cotton pads or cotton balls – these are used to clean your nails. But make sure that these are clean and dry before using.
  • Towels – it is also used for cleaning purposes. Make sure that the sheets are dry before using and also clean them after using them.
What are some of the pedicure machines and pedicure tools available to be used at home?

There are various pedicure tools and pedicure machines to be used at home. Some of that electric pedicure at home machines are – HoMedics premier pedicure foot bath with heat boost power, amope pedicure perfect electronic foot file and foot smoother, and Pedi vac etc.

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