Quick Guide to Wedding-Cake Stands

Wedding-Cake Stands

What’s a wedding without a cake? What’s a wedding cake without a stand? What’s a cake stand without embellishments?

Beauty partly defines weddings, and in many of them, the cake stands at the center, usually in front of the bride and groom and receiving the same amount of lighting. After all, wedding cakes symbolize fortune and fertility, both handy for a fruitful marriage, hence their place of import.

If your own wedding is coming up and you’re looking for a cake to crown your occasion, then don’t disregard the cake stand. It’s the pedestal for your nuptial pastry, elevating it regally above the ordinary platter.

That said, there are many kinds of wedding cake stands. Some fit certain themes better. So before you make your purchase, it may be in your best interest to browse first these ideas.

Beauty Tips for Brides

Champagne Pedestal Cake Stand

Starting with a stand in line  with a certain wedding tradition, a champagne pedestal can make your cake look elegant. Its stem gives the impression of becoming sleeker as it rises from a wide base to a narrow choke supporting the cake tray. Champagne pedestals usually stand taller than most of their kind.

Some champagne pedestals, especially the metallic ones, can be flipped over and repurposed as vases. Any flowers that remain fluttering around the venue can then find a happy home together with the wedded couple. As you can see, this kind of stand can be a good investment rather than just a one-time purchase, discarded after it’s been used.

The wedding tradition mentioned earlier is the popping of bottles of champagne. To be more accurate, that tradition is practiced in various special occasions. Weddings are just one of them but with the addition of a toast to the bride and groom.

Stainless-Steel Cake Plateau

Opposite the tall pedestal sits the squat cake plateau made of steel, sturdy and stainless. While not providing that much height, a plateau stand gives a more stable platform for your wedding cake.

Plateaus can also come with their own embellishments, like engravings around their trim and/or base. Some of their designs can look exotic, making them great for bohemian-chic wedding themes.

If a plateau stand does not have any additional decorations or even if it’s just made of glass, it can still add a simple appeal to any wedding cake.

Three-Layer Cake Stands

Perhaps the supreme sovereign in this list, a layered cake stand is a popular choice, especially for those who want to go all-out on their wedding decorations.

Since it is multiple cake stands stacked atop one another, it’s usually more expensive. It’s not just the apparent price of the stand. You also have to consider the hidden cost of purchasing several wedding cakes, which are already steep by itself.

Everyone knows that. That’s why some couples go with a three-tier cake stand because it’s basically a subtle display of wealth. Yet there are also those who choose this not for showing off but for providing plenty of cake for their guests.

Regardless of your motives, it doesn’t change the fact that a three-layer stand can make any cake look magnificent. Besides, three cakes can give your pâtissier a large space for their original wedding cake designs.

Further References

If you still need more inspiration, there are hundreds of cake-stand ideas on wedding websites and crafting blogs. Some of them you can even do yourself! So supplement these suggestions with concepts from other creatives

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