Types of Acne

Types of Acne

The shape is small, very disturbing appearance and sometimes it hurts when touched, that’s acne. Acne for some women is a nightmare, not only that, acne is also a terrible thing. How come? Acne always makes our appearance become not confident. Especially if our skin oily and dull. Do you know what the types of acne? Actually what causes acne in adults? Here we will explore what is the type of acne and how is the best acne treatment for adults.

What Causes Acne in Adults

The cause of the appearance of acne is very diverse, it could be because the skin is prone to oily, hormones excessive, and foods that can trigger acne. Usually appears in adolescence, because at these age boys and girls experience puberty. Sometimes also appear in the adult age range, the age range of about 20 years – 40 years. For adult age is usually the cause of the appearance of acne because due to the use of cosmetics. The use of cosmetics that contain bleach such as hydroquinone can trigger acne can even trigger the occurrence of signs of skin cancer. In addition, what causes the appearance of acne in adults? On the subject will be explained further detail top causes of acne.

Top Causes of Acne

  • Daily Treatments

    Keeping the skin every day is important, and this prevents the occurrence of acne that arises on us. One of the skin care is with daily care. If you often wear makeup. When going on the move, then you should clean your skin before and after makeup. Many women who underestimate this problem, especially when finished the move. Makeup,  it usually still on the face and not cleaned with the maximum. If this incident recurs every day, this will trigger acne.  It is not only can trigger acne but also can trigger the occurrence of black spots on the face. If you find any difficult to remove your makeup, you can try Micellar Water, which can remove your makeup more effectively than just face soap or facial cleanser cream. It works, and it is easy just pour a few drops of cotton then wipe it off your face.

  • Cosmetic Product Error

    Every woman, all want to have a beautiful face, clean and smooth. However, sometimes women are wrong
    in terms of choosing the right cosmetics. As a result, instead of making skin clean skin even arise a lot of acne. Have you ever experienced it? Be sure to choose cosmetics, cosmetics are safe and there is a legality of health or beauty. Second, look at the expiration date on the product, the third checks his review before buying cosmetic products. Please try again you must be selective and observant in choosing. Choose cosmetics that suit your skin condition, because everyone has different skin types, similarly handling will be different too. Do not buy cosmetics just because trends or booms, that cosmetics may not be suitable for you and eventually even acne.

  • Pollution

    Dust, pollution, and sunburn also sweat are things that can trigger the growth of acne. Often adults who are 90% of outdoor activities do not keep their skin clean properly. Cleansing the skin, as if it were something underestimated. Whereas adults who 90% work outside the room must keep the skin clean so as not to trigger the growth of acne. 

Types of Acne Pictures

  1. Papules Acne

    Papules or pimples are caused by sebum blockages, it has the pink color and they have a small size.This acne usually appears on nose and cheeks. This acne resulting in red, swollen and pus lesions. If you get the papules, don’t be a worry this acne is not dangerous. It can be done with the way of surgical procedure.One the effective way to treat this papule is with acne cream contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Or you can use oral antibiotics if your papules are more severe. This antibiotic is used to reduce your decreasing skin inflammation. If you get any marks from people we have the solution for you, here.

  2. Nodules Acne

    Acne nodules are opposite from the papules. The acne nodule has a large size, when you get this you may feel hard and also painful. The acne nodules are sensitive to touch.  So, you don’t to ever squeezed your nodules. It makes your face be worse. If you keep squeezing, the infection will be spread over and it will grow bigger and last. You know that the nodular acne is caused by the sebum along with dirt and bacteria. Thes factors also lead to inflammation and hard acne. Some dermatologist is seeing the patients who are in 30s-50s having severe nodular acne. The best treatment to reduce the nodular acne is with apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water. This home remedy will be working to reduce your pain and inflammation of acne nodules.

  3. Whiteheads and Blackheads Acne

    The last of types of acne that will be found easily found in an adult is whiteheads. Like the other types of acne, whiteheads are caused by sebum oils and a dead skin cell. A whitehead is a mild form of acne, it’s white, round, small and bumps on your skin surface. Our lifestyle habits, genetics also cleansing routine also affect the cause of the whiteheads. Adults in 30s until 40s may have the whiteheads too, it is because of the women’s hormonal changes like menopause. Besides we also talk about to get rid of the whiteheads.

Best Acne Treatment for Adults

  1. Blue Light Therapy

    Blue light therapy is a therapy that uses light, and this ray is safe to control the oil on the face. This treatment is available in many beauty clinics, and this technology is effective to use in a series of acne therapy. This light is certainly safe for the skin because it is not like UV radiation has the potential to cause skin disorders. This therapy will not cause you pain. You can try this therapy by doing it 12-24 times. This therapy is very effective and the results are very effective. For the price, maybe this therapy kinda drains your pocket. But if you want to get effective and optimal results this therapy is the best way.

  2. DIY Treatment

    The other treatment you can consider is the DIY Treatment. Several types of acne can reduce the DIY  treatments. Before you choose the DIY treatment, make sure the treatment is safe for your skin. If your skin is oily you can use lemon or apple cider vinegar to treat your acne. Some people take aspirin to treat their acne. Crush the aspirin and mixed well with water when it turns paste, you can apply it to your acne. The salicylic acid in aspirin can reduce the inflammation of your skin and dried your pimples.

  3. Use Acne Medications

    Finally, the other treatment to treat types of acne in an adult is medicine. Make sure you have to meet your doctor first, then he will give you the recipe to treat your acne problems. Beware to choose any drugs from the drugs store. Accutane is one of the generic products and it has been approved by FDA. Accutane is from vitamin A that helps to reduce your oily skin and also helps to renew it. Beware to use this product because this drug is forbidden for pregnant women. Make sure to know the content and direction to consume any of acne medications.

Food Acne Triggers
  • Fatty Foods in Acne

    Foods that contain fat are things to avoid especially if you have acne. Fatty foods like cheese, chocolate, milk and even junk food are foods you should avoid. Choose foods that are low in fats or have healthy fats like avocados or other green vegetables. Eat fatty foods not only cause acne alone but can affect weight gain. Increased weight can increase the hormones in the body and eventually lead to acne on the face.

  • Spicy Foods in Acne

    Some people think that spicy food is one cause of acne. Keep in mind that not all skin types will have the same impact. People with skin oily may have a greater chance of getting exposed to acne. We know that spicy foods contain oil, salt, and chili whose effects can make us sweat. When sweating the pores will open and dust can enter easily. If we do not clean the face, then the acne will arise. This is one reason why spicy foods can trigger acne on the face.

  • Nuts in Acne

    Nuts are one of the classic reasons for the cause of acne. Not only nuts, peanut processed foods such as peanut butter can also be a cause of one cause of acne. Some researchers say nuts have a content which is high in protein and fat that are hard to digest by the body. If our body cannot digest well, then this could be cause acne. It is not only that, eating the wrong nuts can also trigger allergies, especially peanuts. Make sure you choose and monitor peanuts that consume well, not too often consume nuts because some nuts contain bad fats that are not good for the body.

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