The wedding day has to be one of its kind. Obviously, it requires investing a significant amount of money; however, if your budget is quite tight, you can still keep it wonderful without spending too much! Check our tips on how to lower your spendings without compromising on quality.

What factors should be considered in the wedding budget?

When deciding to organize a wedding, a couple obviously takes certain costs into account. Renting a restaurant or courtyard, preparing the menu, hiring the band or DJ – all this generates costs. The final cost of the wedding depends on a few main factors:

> the wedding’s location: outdoor or indoor
> the gastronomical support: catering or using the restaurant’s offer
> music background: the band or DJ
> the number of guests
> the type of decoration

There are some costs that you cannot avoid, connected to rental, food, guest service and, not to forget, the wedding dress and suit. However, you can choose particular solutions that will give a strained budget a break and not influence the overall experience after all.

How to lower the cost of the wedding? Tips

Rent the dress
That solution is certainly not a solution for everyone – we are aware of it. However, nowadays, more and more brides decide to rent their dresses. The reasons vary – some want to make the budget less tight, while others do not see the point in spending thousands just to wear the dress once and then hang it in the wardrobe. 
Rent the furniture
If you are organizing a wedding independently of a restaurant or wedding house, you will have to take care of the furniture. Obviously, there is no point in buying them. It is a myth that the rental companies do not offer a wide selection of variants. Such timeless models as Tiffany chairs or Chiavari chairs will work in any style of wedding.
Search for the most affordable catering options
When renting a restaurant to organize the wedding, the newlyweds often decide to take a shortcut and simply agree to the restaurant’s menu offer. However, it is worth considering cooperation with an external company, especially if your guests have preferences in terms of the menu. Most of the places agree with such a solution.
Planning a wedding without a hurry can also be helpful when the budget is tight. When you have more time to compare the offers and consider the chosen solutions twice, the chances that your finances will not be strained are higher. The solutions mentioned above, if applied correctly, will enforce compromising on quality.

Annu Kumari is a writer cum makeup artist and an introvert. From studying Aeronautical Engineering and wanting to design her own aeroplane to writing articles on beauty.

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