To make your wedding memorable, you may use the services of a photographer. Such a professional will be able to make perfect photos of your ceremony. To find the best wedding photographer in Chennai, it’s necessary to pay attention to several aspects.

In this guide, we provide the most important recommendations. They will help you to save lots of time and concentrate on pleasant preparations.


In Chennai, there are lots of professionals who speak various languages, including English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Bhojpuri, and others. Choose the language that suits you the most.

If you’re going to have a multilingual company, it would be better to decide on English (if you and most of your guests know it). A photographer, a bride, and a groom should definitely understand each other. You will hardly ever get photos of high quality when the professional can’t explain what you should do.


The portfolio of the wedding photographer is the most important thing you should pay attention to. Fortunately, it’s possible to have a glance at works of any professional on the personal website of the specialist or on social media.

If the photographer isn’t able to share pictures made by him, you should pause for thought. It’s unlikely that a real professional is too shy to show his works. Also, it’s necessary to check whether photos were shot by this person. It takes some time, but let’s avoid unfair people.

Unique style

Lots of wedding pictures look the same at first glance. When you look closely at all of them, you’ll see the difference. Each professional has got his unique style. Some photographers try to reflect in their photos the feelings between a bride and a groom, while others want to imprint the atmosphere of the celebration. Photographers often write brief information about themselves and share what inspires them.

Also, you should understand what photos touch your soul. Even professionally retouched pictures with great locations and beautiful people may look frostbitten. Сontrariwise, simple photos with minimal effects may sink deep into your mind.

Comfortable communication

A photographer can make perfect photos and at the same time be an awful person. Permanently dissatisfied and always rough professional will definitely be a killjoy. In such a way, it’s better to have a perfect celebration and unimpressive photos than vice versa.

We’d recommend you to read reviews of other people. They may describe all the moments they liked and disliked. Never forget that every review is very personal. Things that are disadvantages for other people, may turn out to be advantages for you.

Try to meet the photographer you’ve chosen in real life. If it’s impossible, insist on a video call or at least an audio call. While communicating in text messengers, you can’t understand the character of the person.

Your ideas

You shouldn’t be shy, never forget to offer your ideas to the specialist. Before, you should save several inspiring photos and pictures. Of course, both of you may talk with each other and change some moments. If the photographer categorically ignores your suggestions, it’s a bad sign. A bride and a groom have the right to leave some marks in their photos. Even if they may seem insipid for someone else.

Also, it’s very important to let the photographer know about ideas beforehand. For some shots, additional tools may be necessary, or you’ll have to make them in a definite time. For example, you may want to have photos against the background of bright lights at night.

Tell what friends and relatives you’d like to see more often in photos. Agree upon some moments that you don’t want to be there. These may be some sacred moments, сrying relatives and others.


Ordering services of wedding photographers is always a costly affair. If you’re unlimited in the budget, skip this step. In other cases, you should understand what photos you would like to have: from the reception, ceremony, etc.

If you don’t have a big amount of money, it’s Ok. Not so popular photographers can shoot amazing photos. Note that some professionals have minimal time for work. For example, some may work only one hour, and others provide services only when you pay for 8 hours. You may find photographers who take from 4000 to 24000 rupees for an hour.


There are still several things you should pay attention to. All of the photographers have various conditions for the work, and you’d better know about them. They send different numbers of photos, it takes them various time spans to retouch pictures. Not all of them are ready to share raw photos with you.

Discuss all the moments while you can. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the wrong boat.

Brief check-list

So, if you’ve decided to order the services of the photographer, it’s better to follow our instructions. There are lots of nuances and details:

  1. Go to the website;
  2. Look through various photographers, and pay attention to their works. We recommend you to select people not only from Chennai but also from the nearest cities. There, it’s possible to find photographers whose works you’ll be able to admire. Most of the professionals are able to go to other cities for an additional payment;
  3. Pay much attention to the style of the pictures. Look through several portfolios and decide on several professionals you’d like to deal with;
  4. Try to make an appointment with the photographers you’ve chosen. If you can’t do this, communicate with them via video or audio call. It’s impossible to understand the character of the person when you only text him or her;
  5. Discuss several essential things:

●   Tell the photographer about all your ideas. Never forget to mention things you don’t like;

●   Ask what services the professional provides and whether you have to pay them additional money;

●   Tell the photographer about all possible issues that may happen (cloudy weather, too bright sun, etc). It may be necessary to use additional equipment, flashlights, tripods, and others;

●   Ask whether the photographer can make a wedding album or not;

●   If the professional can recommend any videographer.

Don’t get disappointed if you can’t find a photographer for the first time. The list on the website is always replenished with new portfolios. That’s why you may find a perfect professional for an affordable price.

The bottom line

Finding a photographer always requires lots of your time. Anyway, special services like provide current information about the photographers on one page. Also, there you’ll be able to find contacts and look through the real works of the professionals.

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