Wedding Speeches Writing Services By Lisa Montalto

After the bride and groom say their “I dos” and pictures are taken, they will have their first dance and then the speeches will start to flow. The best man may clink his glass for the bride and groom to kiss before he gets up and gives his speech.

Wedding speeches are always fun and give the wedding richness. It’s a big day for the bride and groom and nothing makes them happier than hearing words spoken about them, and when the bride toasts the groom with her speech, you can usually hear a pin drop. There are always tears. It’s expected.

Best Man Speech

The best man is charged with standing up and giving a speech. Some guys hate the idea of public speaking, but by the time they give their speech, they’ve probably had at least one glass of wine. This is why these speeches can be so fun. He should have notes or remarks prepared by a speechwriter so that best man doesn’t just stand there and repeat himself. The best man usually talks about his bachelor days with the groom and about how things are going to change, but he’ll talk about how much he loves his friend’s new wife.

Maid of Honor Speech

The maid of honor gets her time in the limelight as well. Her speech is usually more heartfelt and can bring tears to everyone in the room. She typically talks about how long she’s known the bride, all their good times together, and all the changes coming their way.

Mother and Father of the Bride and Groom Speech

The mothers and fathers are there to celebrate the union of their children and they have a lot of emotion and things to say. Each wants to welcome the other into their family while talking about their child, the light of their life. The thoughts they deliver have probably been on their mind for a a very long time.

Groom Speech

If you’re a groom, you better get up at some point and thank everyone for coming, give a shout out to your ushers and then pay special tribute to your new wife. It should be heartfelt but with some humor and with big excitement for the future.

Bride Speech

When a bride gives a speech, she pours her heart into it. She wants everyone to know they are cherished for being there and how excited she is to begin a new journey. It’s a happy day for a bride, but also a milestone in their life. They are leaving their old life behind and starting a new one, with lots of hope for the future.


Anyone present can give a speech. The one thing that is most important in any of these speeches is the content and organization. They don’t have to be long, but they should be easy to remember and easy to read, and most importantly entertaining. Let’s face it, most of us are not comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. So, the more the speech is true to your heart the better, because if you lose your place or get nervous, you can riff a bit.

How to have a great speech made just for you

So, how do you prepare to give a speech at a wedding? The first thing is to jot down your thoughts and then get to work writing it. Read it over a bunch of times and try to even memorize it. Bear in mind, the typical wedding speech lasts three minutes. However, if you’re not a writer, you may find it hard to get your thoughts out in a cohesive manner. Fear not. There are other options.Ghostwriters Central, Inc., has been providing custom speechwriting services since its founding in 2002. This company has wedding speech writers on its roster. They will email a questionnaire to be filled out, then will combine that with your own notes to carefully craft a wedding speech tailored to you. No copy and paste from other speeches. No AI. They can also help you practice your speech on live video before the big day.

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