Wedding Venue in Hobart, TAS: Planning for a Small Backyard Wedding

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Outdoor weddings are not only convenient but also cost-effective especially if you are on a tight budget. Besides, the picturesque background of your backyard coupled with the warm and tranquil natural environment beats them all.

Along with this, you are also allowed to invite your pet to your wedding. But as spectacular as these sounds, you will need a significant amount of effort and a planning checklist for your outdoor ceremony to be successful.

From decorations to the Menu, here are some of the tips you need to consider while planning a backyard wedding. You can also find more information by checking out one of the venues to consider which is the Wrest Point wedding venue in Hobart.

  • Collect outdoor wedding ideas

The best thing about having the ceremony in your backyard is that, you can decorate it as much to your liking.

Plus, the serene environment allows a variety of creative ideas including pitching a tent, having a theme color, bonfire, epic floral arrangement, parking a food truck, and more. You can also include rustic furniture and rugs on your porch or even fireworks if you live in the countryside.

There are various online platforms where you can collect these ideas in case you are stuck. You can also inquire from family and friends who have had an outdoor wedding before.

  • Consider sound and liquor laws

The last thing you want is to get on the wrong side of the law on your big day. This is why you should check with your local authorities on issues regarding noise and liquor.

Some states have strict regulations when it comes to the type of liquor allowed on the premises while others have night curfew hours for parties.

With this in mind, make sure you have a noise and liquor permit before holding any ceremony. It is also relatively important to communicate to your guest about keeping it low to avoid disturbing your neighbors.

  • Have a backup plan

The worst thing that can happen on a wedding day is having your guest or food wet from the rain. This is why you should always have a plan b for your venue in case of an expected downpour.

you can opt to shift the party to your garage or set up a clear tent outside or even move into the main house if you have a spacious sitting room. Note that, no matter what venue you choose, always ensure it is comfortable and spacious enough.

  • Monitor the weather days before

Weather changes can be unpredictable at times. However, it is always good to be prepared just in case. Consider watching the weather forecast for information on how the weather will be on that day.

In case of a down power, you can easily change your venue and prepare your photographer in advance. You can also pick up some fancy umbrellas for your guest to match with the wedding decor.

  • Parking

If you have a small compound, chances are, your guest will be forced to pack in the streets.

Just like the noise and liquor permit, some communities require you to obtain a street parking license. Moreover, some neighborhood prohibits street parking while others do not allow night parking at all.

In this situation, you can opt for a valet parking service where your guest can park their cars in a nearby open station. Make sure to inform them before to avoid any confusion.

  • Neighbors

In most marriage ceremonies, there must be singing and dancing. This noise can be a nuisance to your neighbors especially if you live in a gated community.

Letting your neighbors know about your party is the best way to handle the situation. Let them know of your schedule and how long the festive will last.

You can do say in writing or visit their homes with a small gift as a token of appreciation for their patience. Plus, caution your guests not to tamper with your neighbor’s property.

  • Keep guests comfortable

Considering that your guest will be sitting all day in an open place, making sure they are comfortable and well protected from outdoor elements should be your main goal.

Consider pitching up a tent or providing umbrellas to keep them shaded from the sun or hand fans to keep them cool. A bonfire would also be a good option on a chilly day.

Also, provide enough refreshments like chilled water and cool drinks on a hot day or warm drinks on a cold day. See this link for tips on how to do keep your guests happy.

  • Restrooms

This is one of the most frequently used places at any gathering. You will need to keep your toilets free from odor and dirt for sanitary purposes. If you have a few guests, you can consider sparing one of your home toilets for use.

However, when dealing with large numbers, having guests streaming and out of your house, all day can be quite challenging. In this case, a well-equipped restroom trailer will do.

  • Use a microphone

If you are hosting several guests at your wedding, proper communication can be a challenge. Wind and other communication barriers may prevent backbenchers from hearing what is being said at the front.

This is why you need a good sound system and a microphone to communicate. A professional planner will recommend one for you. You can choose between a hand-held microphone or a lavaliere mic depending on what suits you best.

  • A Wedding Planner

Most typical weddings are held in a church or a functional hall and are considered easier to plan, unlike outdoor weddings.

Backyard parties have a lot of logistics which makes them more stressful and hectic. This is why a wedding planner is needed more for an outdoor wedding.

These professionals have all it takes to transform your backyard into a magical venue for your dream wedding. Click here to see why you need a wedding planner.


Tying the knot right in your backyard sounds like a super easy experience but this might not the case. There are various things you might want to look at when planning an outdoor wedding. From having a backup plan to hiring a good planner, the list of logistics is endless. If you are hoping to transform your backyard into an amazing wedding reception, then you have to follow all the guidelines.

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