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People in today’s world are getting more focused on multitasking, so it applies to women. Women today are getting more professional as compared to some decades back. Today they are getting so busy with their lifestyle that no time is left for self-care.  Thereby, the trend of beauty playout at home is growing very frequently as it provides options for multitasking and is time-saving. Even though lady members extract time from her busy schedule, she would find herself very tired of visiting the nearest Salon.

Nowadays, clothing brands, food processing industries, footwear brands, and many other such things are delivered to us at our doorstep with ease. So why compromise with beauty Services. There are many Salon at home Noida, which provides you with home salon services. Today there is an option of calling a professional beauty expert at home just by booking an appointment.

How Can Beauty Services at home Noida Revive Your Youthful Looks ?

Maintaining the Youthful Look Has been a wish for almost Everyone Since,
Centuries in Beauty Services at home Noida. The subject got its scholarly spot in the renowned creator
of the nineteenth hundred years, Oscar Wild’s gothic yet philosophical novel named
“The Image of Dorian Dark”, where a man got timeless youth as his picture got
steadily fatigued with his age.
Some People Want to try Natural and home remedies While Many Of Them Want to
go For Chemical Facial Pack Mask Available in nearby Beauty Parlour and Salons.
You can mix the Goodness of both by a switch to Portable Beauty Salons and Which offer home Salon Services and Beauty Services at home Noida only. So just at your Door-
Step Simply Put an appointment with a Professional expert Who Provides Services.

There are many leading benefits of beauty services at home Noida. Here are some facts that will make you agree about the comfort of beauty parkour at home and thence will surely make you impatient to salon services at home Noida.

  1. To avoid the to and fro of yourself from the parlor to the home, home parlor at home has been acquired.
  2. Home salons are very comfortable and cozy. One can read a book of her wishlist during the grooming session. You can either watch tv or can also hum on your favorite music playlist. Staying in a familiar environment allows enjoying the beauty treatment and facial you are ongoing with.
  3. Some of the beauty treatments leave you very uncomfortable, and you may feel unhygienic afterward. For example, oil massage and body scrubs will make your body feel sticky. So here you don’t have to rush home in a very uncomfortable situation. Instead, you can go to take a shower very quickly due to the beauty parlor at home.
  4. A very professional service would be provided to you. At home, the environment is tranquil, and therefore you would enjoy a calm and relaxing treatment. Also, when comparing with the Salon, the parlor at home will be more good because the service provider won’t be in a hush to serve other customers. Instead, he/she will help you with full dedicated attention on you.
  5. Ladies opt for massage services to get relaxed from a busy schedule. Massage rejuvenates the cells and muscles of the body and keeps your body healthy and glowy. So if you go with the services of home massage, you would be able to get a prolonged massage, and you can also enjoy the whole session.

Bleaching home salon services

Procedure: Bleaching agents are chemical substances generally used to lighten the darker areas of skin. It is mainly composed of hydrogen peroxide, which is considered safe for applying on the skin. Powders, pills or cream do bleaching. Here is a short process to describe the steps of bleaching

  • the powder and cream provided in the bleaching pack are mixed well
  • evenly apply the paste on your skin and also the darker parts of the skin.
  • The mixture is left on the face for about 10 to 15 min. Keeping for a long duration may cause icheness to your skin.
  • Cotton balls dipped in cold water are used to clean off the face. After then the skin is finally risen off with cold water
  • The skin is then pat dried by a soft towel. In case of some uneasiness, ice cubes are applied to the face. An excellent neutral moisturizer is applied after all the process is done.

Benefits: bleaching helps in clear tanned and uneven skin tone. Also, it exfoliates the upper layer of skin and thence, making it brighter. Skin bleaching clears up the dark spots caused by hormonal changes, clogging of pores, or pollution. Removing facial hairs or body hairs without the painful experience of waxing is also a great process.

Beauty parlour services at doorstep

Below mentioned are some of the packages of bleaching provided by Salon at home Noida:

Full Hand300
Full Legs350
Full Front350
Full Back350
Full Body800

Waxing home salon services

Different types of waxing:

There are mainly two types of waxing processes. Warm waxing and hot waxing are those two. In warm waxing, the wax is directly applied to the skin using a spatula, and the fiber of the cloth is smoothened over the wax and removed immediately. Through this, the wax and body hairs are released simultaneously.

In hot waxing, hot wax is directly applied to the skin. Then it is allowed to cool down and harden itself. A corner from the resin is chosen to lift the wax from the skin immediately in one go. The cold wax and hairs are removed using the process. However, hot wax is preferred more over warm waxing. This is because applying hot wax to the skin opens the skin pores, and therefore, it becomes a bit easy for the wax to be removed from the skin. It is generally used to apply to sensitive areas to reduce the amount of pain caused.


  • Waxing is chosen over razors because the regrowth of hairs in waxing is n a minimum period of 3 to 4 weeks, while in a razor, it’s three days. Waxing gives you a smooth touch as it removes the hairs from the root itself.
  • Razor cuts down the hairs resulting in blunt end regrowth of hairs. The skin feels very poky, but the hair grows back with a finely tapered end in waxing. Sometimes frequent waxing may lower your hair growth and coverage.
  • Waxing also avoids having shaving cuts that leave marks on your skin.
Full Hands150300
Full Legs250400
Full Back250500
Full Front250500

D Tanning home salon services

In the scorching heat of summers, the exposed parts of our body get darker in color when it comes in contact with heat rays. The sun’s rays contain ultraviolet radiations, which tans the skin. Several d tanning things are available to make your skin color look lighter. First of all, the face is cleaned correctly and prepared for a de-tanning mask. The d tanning mask is then applied.


  • The de-tanning mask removes a layer of our skin and thus helps in opening the skin pores. The skin pores the breaths, and your skin nourishes properly
  • people with acne also get a cure by applying the de-tanning treatment
  • it gives the skin an unmistakable, natural, and vibrant glow.
  • It also removes the stan and makes your skin feel light and fresh.

D- Tanning

D-TAN Parlour at homePRICE
Full Hands400
Full Legs400
Full Body1000

Manicure and pedicure home salon services


  1. Improves ongoing nail health

Our hands and feet are used daily, so they go rough a lot of wear and tear also stress and tension, due to which a considerable number of tissues get damaged. Therefore manicure and pedicure provides you with a deep clean of your nails

The dead skin cells are removed—and promote healthy and strong nails. Keeping care of nails by pedicure and manicure improves nails’ quality and prevents them from any fungal infection.

  1. It gives a circulation boost

Manicure and pedicure also include massage of hands and feet. Massaging improves the blood flow in the veins and arteries. This helps reducing joint paint and helps increasing mobility. The numbness during winters can also be enhanced by proper massaging.

  1. Regulates better condition

Our feet and hands tolerate a lot of stress every day. Like waking long distances, wearing uncomfortable shoes, harsh weather conditions, cuts, and burns, etc., therefore, it becomes our duty that we take care of them properly. Manicure and pedicure will help us heal cracked feet and hands and will [promote soft skin.

Normal Spa400500
Lotus Spa450600

Hair Spa home salon services

Procedure: it includes frizz and split ends removing sing different creams and gels. The cream or gel is applied on your hair after steam is provided to your hair. A mild and soft massage with hair oil is given. Then in the next step, the hairs are correctly washed using a mild shoop and cleanser. In the end, your strands are conditioned with the help of a conditioner.

Benefits of hair spa:

  • Hair spa solves problems like hair thinning, hair breakage, hair fall, dray and dull hair, dry and itchy scalp, rough hair, slow hair growth, dandruff, and itchy scalp.
  • Hir spa also conditions the hairs, improves blood circulation near the roots, repair damaged follicles, and normalises hair oil secretions because to much oil secretion can make your hair look sticky and promotes fungus growth.

Beautician at home

There are mainly 6 types of hair spa treatment.

Antidandruff hair spa treatment, calming hair spa treatment, anti-hair fall spa treatment, balancing hair spa treatment, hair spa treatment for colored hair, and the last smoothing hair spa treatment.

L’Oreal hair spa700
Matrix hair spa650
L’Oreal inova root touch-up800
L’Oreal global colour2000
Colour application300
Henna application250

Clean up home salon services

How is clean-up done at a home parlor?

Clean-up is also known as face cleanising. Clean-up can also be used as a replacement for facial. It depends on your skin type, whether you want to clean up or go with a facial.

The difference between facial and clean-up is that facial includes massage, but clean-up does not. The period taken by facial is about an hour or half an hour more while clean up ends in 30 min to 45 min. A facial can be done in time after 30 to 45 days, while clean-ups should be done every 15 days. Unique products are used in facial with various steps, but there is nothing so with clean up

Clean-up is the process of exfoliating your skin with some suitable packs. Several serums and sunscreen are applied at the end of clean-up to protect any further skin damage.

Benefits of clean-up: it cleanses your facial skin to give it a vibrant and natural glow. It also opens [ores which in turn avoid s pimples and acnes that affect the skin complexity.

Pearl Clean-up300
Papaya Clean-up300

Massage home salon services.

Benefits: there are several benefits of massage. It helps reduce muscle tension, reduces anxiety and depression, promotes relaxation, improves skin tone and complexity, icreades the mobility of joints and their flexibility, reduces the stress hormone, and stimulates the lymphatic system, and heightens mental alertness.

MASSAGE SERVICE     OIL body                             800PRICES
Body scrub700
Body scrub & pack1200
Normal polish1500
Lotus Polish3000
Head massage300

Facial Home salon services

Procedure: Facial comprises almost nine steps. Those are listed below

  • First of all, your skin would be appropriately analyzed. The therapist will question points like skin type, skin-caring routine, medical concerns, allergies, and some more like these.
  • After a good analysis, your skin will be cleaned by removing the makeup; this will help remove the impurities that were settled on your skin. Cleansing can be done by giving proper steam to your skin. Steaming will soften your skin and also the hair follicles. The pores in your skin would get relaxed.
  • Reviewing and analyzing the skin is a preeminent step as different skin types have different needs. The products used for facial would be chosen best suited to your skin, be it smooth skin, rouhgh skin, dry skin, breakouts, and firmness.
  • Exfoliating your skin has endless benefits, so the therapist works on your skin to remove the dead skin cells, oil, and sweat. Exfoliating skin regularly will eliminate substances that block your pores and cause complexion effects for the long run. It is a skin renewal process that will give your skin a variant look. Your esthetician would decide the type of exfoliating treatment to be applied to your skin.
  • In the next step, the pimples and blackheads present on your skin are extracted with the utmost attention to prevent any damage to your skin cells. Using fingers and other unprofessional tools to do will leave bacteria on your skin. Therefore, your therapist uses proper tools and methods to remove minor imperfections.
  • After then your skin is provided with a facial massage which helps to get relaxation. Different massage movements help release tension and stress. It also increases boold oxygen level, improves blood circulation, and increases collagen production, which gives you a variant glow.
  • A specific facial mask would be applied to your face then to work on further skin correction.
  • A toner will be applied, which will help the products penetrate deep inside your skin and thence come out to be more effective. Serum or concentrate is applied following toner. Eye creams are applied to cure imperfections around the eyes—Lip balm to nourish your lips.

The types of facial :

  • We provide you with a classical facial which is suitable for almost all skin types.
  • Aromatherapy facial is a facial applied to ladies in the above 30 age group. It will work on improving aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and dark circles.
  • Nutraceutical facial is used to hydrate skin and remove dirt. It is generally a choice of many Bollywood celebs.
Pearl Facial500
Papaya Facial500
Gold Herbal1000
Blossom Silver1000
Blossom Bridal1300
Beauty Basics
Rs 699
Fruit cleanup
Normal Wax (Full hand, Half legs, Underarms)
Thread Work
Hand Nail filing
Beauty Queens
Rs 999
D-tan facial
Chocolate Wax (Full arms, Full legs, Underarms)
Thread Work
Beauty Blush Most taken
Rs 1499
Lotus facial
Chocolate Wax (Full arms, Full legs, Underarms)
Bleach ( Face & Back)
Pedicure & Thread Work


If you want any customisation packages we are happy to do that for you. Please Call us 9999633772


Beauty Burst
Rs 1999
Aroma Magic Facial
Chocolate Wax (Full arms, Full legs, Underarms)
D-tan ( Face & Neck)
Thread Work
Beauty Gleam
Rs 2999
O3+ Facial
Rica Wax (Full arms, Full legs, Underarms, Bikni)
Oxy ( Face , Back & Neck)
Thread Work
Total Transformation
Rs 4999
O3+ Facial/ Cheryls Facial
Rica Wax (Full Body + Bikni)
Manicure & Pedicure
Full Body Bleach, Hair Spa
Body Scrub and Body Pack
Thread Work