What can I do to keep my scalp healthy?

Fungal scalp conditions such as dandruff or ringworm, can cause itching, flaking, irritation and inflammation. That’s why it is important to invest time and effort in maintaining a healthy scalp, which can be done by using Neofollics scalp care products. When you suffer from scalp conditions your hair is more prone to break and fall off. That’s why you should treat your scalp properly and prevent unnecessary hair loss, itching or burning.

A few tips to maintain a healthy scalp include:

  • Maintaining a healthy diet or using Neofollics hair growth supporting supplements which are rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Vitamins such as Biotin and Niacin are particularly important for the health of your scalp.
  • Keeping the scalp clean from oils and dirty build up. Because sebum build up could lead to clogging in your hair follicles and can lead to fungal infections. Regularly shampooing your hair with an exfoliating shampoo can help to clean your scalp.
  • Avoiding tight hairstyles, such as cornrows and tight braids can help to maintain a healthy scalp, because the pressure can cause damage to hair follicles and increase the risk of developing an infection.
  • Exfoliate the scalp regularly with an advanced scalp treatment of Neofollics’. Exfoliating your scalp regularly helps to remove dead skin cells and unclogs hair follicles which promotes healthy hair growth.

Does an unhealthy scalp affect hair growth?

An unhealthy scalp can have a profound impact on hair growth and overall hair health. The scalp is the foundation for healthy hair, and when it is not in good condition, it can result in a host of issues that can negatively impact hair growth.

Think of the scalp as a garden, and the hair follicles as the plants. Just like a garden needs the right conditions to flourish, the hair follicles on the scalp need the right conditions to grow healthy hair. An unhealthy scalp can provide the wrong conditions, such as an environment that is too dry, oily, or infected with fungus, which can all cause damage to the hair follicles and prevent hair from growing. In addition, an unhealthy scalp can also lead to inflammation and irritation, which can cause the hair follicles to shrink and result in thinning hair.

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