5 Things You Didn’t Know About EMSculpt

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Over the past few decades, body shaping technology has reached unbelievable heights. We’re capable of doing things that we could never do before! The modern world is all about ease, convenience, and access to what you want. If what you want is a toned body, and all the fitness regimens in the world don’t seem to be helping you get there, then you might be interested in what EMSculpt has to offer.

This technology is a “quick fix” option that works to get you what you want. The electromagnetic procedure is non-invasive and has received FDA approval. It seems to be taking the social media world by storm. So is technology too good to be true? Here are five amazing facts that showcase just how cool modern innovation is.

  1. You can tone your buttocks, stomach, arms, and abs.

Dr. Goretti Taghva of Newport Beach describes the EMSculpt technology at her practice as a revolutionary non-invasive body contouring treatment. It targets the problem areas where you often find pesky deposits of fat that you just can’t seem to get rid of. The abdomen, stomach, buttocks, and arms are all areas that can seem impossible to tone – even when you do intensive workouts every day! The muscles under the skin are hard to target and strengthen, and the fat above keeps them from being visible.

The device is the first energy stimulator that has been given FDA approval to build muscle mass and burn fat on the body. During each treatment, the device uses focused beams of magnetic energy that cause the muscles to contract. Different patterns are used to stimulate different types of contractions. These contractions are more intense and sustained than you can get from a typical workout.

The muscle contractions cause you to strengthen your muscle fibers and build new muscle. At the same time, the magnetic beams destroy the stubborn fat cells and allow you to burn them away. In studies, fat was burned and muscle tone increased on the arms, stomach, and buttocks, three of the biggest problem areas for body contouring.

  1. The technology is optimized for men to use, too!

Tons of body contouring procedures seem to be designed with women alone in mind. But this particular option is designed for men. If you’ve been hitting the gym and doing your best to get that perfect toned look, but there are just a few problem areas interfering with the sexy appeal, EMSculpt might be the solution that you’re looking for.

Since the procedure doesn’t require anesthesia, incisions, surgery, or any downtime, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your brawn for your looks. The arm and abdomen sculpting techniques give you a look like you’ve walked off an airbrushed cover magazine. Arms are given better definition, and your abs have a stronger structure and definition.

The results also come on a lot more rapidly than with other competing contouring procedures. If you’re a fitness buff, the procedure might feel pretty good. It’s like doing an intensive workout with just a single part of the body.

  1. Every session lasts only 30 minutes.

The session lasts 30 minutes. That’s it. Because it’s not an invasive procedure, there’s no drawn-out prep time, either. You just lay down with the device attached to you for 30 minutes, and then you’re done. It’s the opposite of fitness commercials that encourage you to work out for four hours a day.

For the treatment to take effect, you’ll need to undergo a minimum of four sessions with a schedule two to three days apart. That’s still only two hours of total time, and the entire procedure is over in less than two weeks, provided you don’t opt for additional sessions.

That by far makes it the quickest and easiest body contouring option on the market, particularly when compared to invasive procedures like liposuction. When you talk to your healthcare provider about your treatment plan, you can discuss your specific goals and how many sessions it’ll take to reach them.

  1. It feels like an ab workout… without the roughness of an ab workout.

When you’ve put your muscles through their paces, your whole body can feel it. Even though each session only lasts a half-hour and can be conducted lying down, you’ll feel the workout in the affected muscles. During the treatment, it feels like you’re doing an intense workout. After the treatment, you might have the kind of soreness that accompanies an intense physical training session.

At the same time, though, the treatment is much more relaxed than a workout. You don’t have to push your body through its paces or work up a sweat. You can spend the entire time laying down on a table in the doctor’s office in relative comfort.

  1. Results are felt right away and seen within two to four weeks.

As soon as the treatment is over, you’ll feel the soreness in your muscles from the contractions. That soreness might persist for the next day or so, until the next treatment. Many people report that they can immediately feel their bodies building new muscle and expanding upon the old.

As for visual results, most people report seeing changes anywhere from two to four weeks following the last session. The muscle tone just improves in the weeks following that, getting better and better as your body builds more muscle and burns more fat.

Part of the secret to the treatment is that the device is stimulating your body to do all the work. Once your muscles have undergone the heavy lifting in their treatments, they keep bulking up and working hard because they’re preparing to deal with that kind of high intensity again. The harder your muscles work, the more stubborn fat cells that your metabolism can burn away without a problem.


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