Making Your Bridal Beauty Prep As Smooth As Possible

As a bride, you want to make sure that every aspect of your dream is perfect, from the wedding venue to the dress, to the reception suite. Equally important is how you look on the day, from your hair down to your nails. There’s plenty of inspiration to be had online; Cosmopolitan recommends following Lisa Eldridge on Instagram for tips on achieving the perfect dewy complexion for your big day; Alana Jonesmann has incredible ideas for the cake. Using the web and all it has to offer can give you a great way to prepare and ensure your beauty preparations are perfect.

A manicure fit for a bride 

As the bride, you are one half of the main attraction at your wedding and you’ll receive lots of attention. Aside from the face, you can expect your hands to receive a lot of focus, and so for many brides, it’s important that their nails look absolutely perfect. There are two main ways to obtain long-lasting, beautiful nails for your wedding day – shellac manicure and nail extensions. Shellac is a more natural looking nail option that’s long lasting and provides mirror-like shine to your nails. Nail extensions are a little more unique and adventurous, but don’t have to look garish. Singer Andra Day models nail extensions in Elle, showing how they can simultaneously look luxurious yet demure – perfect for a wedding.

A natural bridal look 

While brides are absolutely at liberty to pick how they do their makeup for the wedding, it’s the natural look that is arguably the best way to go. The natural look benefits from being low maintenance whilst also showing off your natural beauty – as well as that newly wedded radiance. What’s more, the natural look is achievable on your own. Doing your makeup yourself or with help from family or friends has never been easier, according to Glamour magazine, and is a great way to prepare for the big day. If you do it yourself you’ll be able to ensure you have your trademark look and that you’ll be as comfortable as you can throughout the morning, day and night.

Wedding day hairstyles  

If you do choose to go for natural makeup, your overall look can be completed with a sleek haircut. Up-dos and intricate stylings, like braids, are still very much in, but a neat, symmetrical parting with wavy tresses is, according to, one of the most relevant and stylish wedding hair trends of 2021. The simplicity of this look gives off an air of authenticity and helps to communicate a down to earth nature. It’s also a hairstyle that can, if needed, be achieved at home, without the need of having to visit the salon – giving you, even more, wiggle room when it comes to your bridal preparations. 

Your wedding day is one that can be filled with stress and anxiety. Minimising that will help you to enjoy the day even more, and keep you looking a million dollars.

Puja has more than 5 years of experience as a professional makeup artist. Enhancing natural beauty is foremost in the mind of Puja when she works.

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