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White Spot on Face

While small white spot appears in your skin, several of us both men and women always worry about it. Tiny White spot on skin happens because of sunlight or it can be caused by fungus. This time, we will talk about the white spots on skin from the sun, white spots on skin fungus also white spots on legs.  There are several treatments and home remedies that we can found here. So, keep it reading and get the knowledge about white spot on the skin.

White Spots on Skin from Sun

UV Ray from the sun is the one cause of white spot on the skin can appear. If you ever get this you must do more to protects your skin from sunlight, you can use the body lotion with UV filter to protects your skin before sunbathe. This condition also called idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis in the dermatologist. This appears on the skin usually found in fair skinned and dark skin. This white spots on skin from the sun can found on the arms and legs. Usually, this condition appears both men and women in 50. While the sunlight touches our skin, the pigment-producing cells of the skin burn. So, our skin will stop producing the melanin and then the white spots appear. Sunbathe or do tanning can cause other serious of your skin. We know that the sunlight is the concern with UV radiation that causes skin cancer.

While So, many times peoples are confused between whiteheads or white spots?

White Spots on Legswhite spots on leg

When small white spots appear on your skin maybe it’s an indication of vitiligo skin problem. What’s vitiligo? Vitiligo is kind of white spot on the skin and Vitiligo causes by sunbathing or tanning. It is the condition when the pigment in the skin is the loss. The most of cause of this is cosmetic problems. Based on the source, there is no cure and prevention for vitiligo. But you can use the sun protector lotion to protect your skin from the sunlight. Vitiligo spots can appear in the single area or they can become the patches. The patches can visible all of your body or one side of your body such as hands, face, elbows, even on legs. sometimes you also get reliefs by using face mask also.

How to Get Rid of Whiteheads

How to Get Rid of small White Spots on Skin treatment  and white patches on skin treatment

You can use several home remedy to get rid of white spots on your skin from the sun, on the skin will reduce within several days. What is the home remedy to get rid of this? Let’s check this out.

  1. Coconut oil
    Coconut oil will help you to smooth the circulation in the blood and it can treat your vitiligo as well. So, in here you just need :
    – 2 Tbs coconut oil
    You must do :
    – Take the two tablespoons full of coconut oil and stick it in a small bowl.
    – Apply coconut oil to the affected area of vitiligo.
    – Please do this treatment at noon and night.
  2. Aloe Vera Gel
    The second home remedy is aloe vera gel. This gel can nutrients your skin and keep your skin hydrated. In here you just need:- 3 Tbs aloe vera gel
    You must do :
    – Prepare your aloe vera gel and make sure to stick it in the small bowl.
    – Apply the aloe vera gel in affected area of vitiligo
    – Do this treatment regularly in 3 times whole a day
    – Stop this treatment if there is an irritation in your skin.
  3. Ginger
    Ginger is the easiest ingredients that we can get in our kitchen. You can combine it with lemon and make it them juice, it can treat your vitiligo from inside. Besides you can make the ginger juice for the outside’s treatment. So, you must prepare these:- 20 ml Ginger Juices
    You must do :
    – Peel the ginger and cleanse it as well then make it juice.
    – Apply this ginger juice to your vitiligo’s skin.
    – Wait for about 20 minutes.
    – Finally, rinse it well.

Tiny White Spots on Skin Fungus or white patches on skin

Fungus or bacteria are the second white spot on the skin that appears. When your body is sweaty and moist there will be yeast growth here. One types of this fungus are called tinea versicolor.  It is caused by hot weather, oily skin, hormonal changes, over sweat in your body and the weakness of the immune system. This fungus can pop up in any skin and affect people who are young and adult.  Below here, is the signs of white spots on skin fungus  that you must know :

  • The spots can be lighter or darker than your skin that you have. It can be white, pink, red, or brown.
  • Usually, these spots appear on your back, neck, chest and your arms.
  • This spot can be individual spots or patches appear on your skin.

If you found these signs,  you can go to your doctor or you can buy any dermatologist cream in the drug store. While you go to the doctor, he may take a skin sample of your skin that affected area by fungus. That sample directly looked at under a microscope.  Finally, we will give you the recipe for white spots on skin fungus treatment.

White Spots on Skin Fungus Treatment

The cream is the most treatment of white spot on the skin by fungus, called tine Versicolor. Below here is the suggestion of creams that help to reduce your spots on the skin by tinea versicolor.

  • Sulfur or selenium Cream
    The content in sulfur cream is very beneficial for skin health. Mineral content in it able to eradicate various skin problems, such as acne, and itching. It can even treat fungi such as tinea versicolor. When the cream is applied to your spots, it will slowly appear visible and will heal by itself. To make this cream is working, make sure to apply this to the clean skin. If these spots still visible, you may change your treatment or you can go to the doctor.

  • Anti-Fungal Cream
    The other treatment that you must try is anti-fungal cream. Some cream products contain antifungal also can treat fungi as tinea versicolor. This cream is more effective to minimize the fungi as well. Try this treatment for several days. When applying this cream, several people may get some side effects. The effects are your skin may be irritation, redness, inflammation, or it can be rash severe. Please, apply this cream only on the affected area. Like the above treatment, before you apply this cream make sure to clean your skin first and dry it well. If this treatment does not work for you, you can consult with your doctor. May your doctor can give a stronger cream.



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