Vape Weddings – A New Trend for Teens

To many of us, the idea of a vape wedding is a new concept. But others have already had one or are planning to have one. Indeed, it has become a trend for many teens to have a vape wedding and then post the photos on different social media platforms.

According to many, this could get worse as the trend is taking over the world fast. So, whether you are planning to have a wedding like this in the future or not, it is prudent that you go through the insights below to stay informed.

Vape Wedding Planners

If you thought that vaping during a wedding is just a mere addition to a normal wedding, then you are mistaken. Brides and grooms are now hiring vaping wedding planners who incorporate vaping in the wedding as the main theme. Their main role is to train the bride, groom, and bridal party on the etiquette of vaping during the wedding and how to do it, especially for those who have never done it.

So, all will be expected to vape in style during photography sessions and various programs. In most cases, vaping is done during the reception and evening parties. For such weddings, it is mostly a young people’s affair and the old folks and parents are hardly involved.

Vape Wedding Photography

One of the main considerations when planning a vape wedding is the photography and videography. Every couple wants to have a memory of this unique and trending wedding for the rest of their lives. According to experts who sell vaping devices and accessories online, wedding clients are becoming more common, and they often need sets of similar devices according to them for their wedding.

If you are a couple who needs special vaping devices and accessories, click to read more about them here. They will make sure that your needs are met and your wedding photos will stand out. Many reputable sellers can customize the accessories for you in you need it this way.

Social Media Craze

This has become of a trend mainly because of social media. Every couple wants to update their Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook platform with photos and videos of their vaping wedding. If you have been on the internet to see how previous couples did it, you will note how couples and their bridal team enjoyed getting photographed amid heavy and thick clouds or when doing various other tricks with their vape sticks.

In the back of their minds, couples and other people who vape during the wedding are looking for photos that will shake the internet. So, they will do all the tricks they can with their vape and post the photos or videos to look for more likes and comments.

Vaping is Replacing Toasting

Forget about the champagne popping and toasting, it is now an old thing that our parents did, and it is now boring! Young couples now want something new. When vaping was first introduced at weddings, people picked it up fast because it is fun, and it is now a trend that is quickly replacing toasting.

If you are planning to have a wedding with a unique and trending theme, you probably need to add vaping to it. However, you need to consult an expert to understand whether there are dangers that are involved, especially for people who are not used to vaping.

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